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Wi-Fi Detecting Watch, Checking Signal Status More Efficiently

Uncategorized author: Djuki 05.03.2008 Comments Off

wi-fi detecting watch

Are you a person who always needs a free internet or Wi-Fi connection to support your activity? Your laptop or notebook able to find whether there’s wi-fi signal or not. But, don’t you ever think that opening your notebook, starting it, and activating wi-fi device are not effective nor efficient, because you didn’t know whether there’s a wi-fi signal or not?

Today, you can easily check the strength of wi-fi signal around you by exploiting this gadget. You can also find the area with strongest wi-fi signal. When you push the button, this wrist watch tells you the signal strength as a number from 0 to 8. This gadget tells you what kind of connectivity available in the area, and letting you to know where the nearest area to the access point.

This Wi-Fi Detecting Watch is well styled with steel case and rubber strap band. And it has some additional features, such as daily and single alarm, nice backlight, countdown timer, world time zone, full featured calendar, and lithium battery included.

This is a cool gadget with small price to pay ($24.99 – $29.99). Unfortunately it has no built-in calculator as well. And it not tells you if the signal / connection has a protection or not.