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Whole compact lineup refresment from Olympus

News author: admin 09.01.2007 Comments Off

Olympus has presented refreshed lineup for next season. From the entry level digital cameras that are competitive only with it’s price, over stylish digital cameras with shiny metal cases and sensors with 12 Mega pixels to the great powerful ultra zoom Olympus monster.

Olympus FE-270


FE-270 is a simple entry level digital camera designed

for non demanding usage. It has 3x zoom lens and important larger – 7.1 Mega pixel optical sensor. Using larger ccd sensor equals better photo quality, it good that Olympus uses larger sensors even in entry level class.

Olympus FE-280


Olympus FE-280 comparing to his smaller brother has metal case and sensor with 8 Mpix , also it’s available in several vibrant colors. Also it have Face-detection technology embedded, and uses advanced TruePic III Olympus image sensor.

Olympus FE-290


Adding zoom lens that starts from wide 28mm ( 35mm equivalent ) raises usage experience of this digital camera to the whole new level.

Olympus FE-300


Next digital camera in new refreshed Oly’s lineup has no less then 12 Mega pixel sensor and ISO settings up to ISO1600 and ISO 6400 at reduced resolution.The rest is looking pretty similar to previous models, 3x zoom lens starting from 35 mm ( 35mm equivalent) face detection technology an nice 2.5” LCD.

Olympus Stylus 790 SW


When Olympus camera has the SW in the name, that represents that they are made for those users that like to trow their camera into the mud or to dive or just like to have something big and durable in their hands. ;) Stylus 790SW has 7.1 Megapixel optical sensor with increased sensitivity up to ISO 1600, nice 3x zoom lens is quite special cause it doesn’t stick out of the camera body and don’t have outside moving parts. This camera is also equipped with Face detection software and LED flashlight for some macro shots.

Olympus Stylus 820


Stylus 820 is a compilation of elegance and power. It implements 5x optical zoom lens and large 6.9cm diagonal LCD, all packed up in slick metal weatheproof body. Outside of US Olympus Stylus camera series are sold under the µ [mju:] name – just to avoid confusion. Stylus 820 or µ [mju:] 820 have optical sensor with 8.0 Mpix and also hype face detection technology.

Olympus Stylus 830


Oly Stylus 830 is quite similar to his younger brother 820 except it has Dual Image Stabilization – dual cause it has real optical stabilization and it increases ISO sensitivity in low light situations to prevent blurry images. It’s also weatherproofed as all new cameras in the Stylus – µ [mju:] class. It will appear in two body colors silver or black.

Olympus Stylus 1200


The Stylus 1200 lays on the top of the range with optical sensor of 12 Mega pixels with hype technologies like Face-detection, Shadow Adjustment and new generation of Oly’s TruePic III image processor. It has only – comparing to Stylus 820 and 830 – 3x optical zoom lens ( 35-105mm ). But something have to give, to get so cool and thin camera body.