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Who else wants cellphone calls over WiFi ?

News author: Djuki 09.07.2007 Comments Off

You know that a lot of cell carriers boycott WiFi, because they are afraid of losing call revenue. But T-Mobile think in different direction, they had just launched HotSpot @Home. They already have 8,500 node WiFi networks under the HotSpot brand.

T-MobileAt this moment this service is available only for two handset models: the Samsung t409 and the Nokia 6086. When WiFi is available the service is switched from GSM ti WiFi, and back again depending on what is available.

The HotSpot @Home system automatically join open WiFi networks and T-Mobile HotSpots. Users just need to pay $10for a month flat fee or $20 for five line family plan on top of cell plan. Great thing is that if you initiate call in WiFi and in meantime phone is switched into GSM network, you don’t pay a zip! This model has it’s bad site, if you star call in GSM and you switched to WiFI, you need to pay all call like you was in GSM network all the time.

You can have T-Mobile HotSpot router, which piggy-backs on your home router. You will need this to lock down your home WiFi, because phones are not authenticate to secured networks. We hope all other cell carriers will follow T-Mobile, and allow WiFi calls in there networks.