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Volvo announced new system against drunk drivers

News author: Djuki 09.06.2007 Comments Off

Alcoguard VolvoAlcoguard is system developed by Swedish company Volvo. This system stop a car starting if the driver is over the alcohol limit. Alcoguard will be available in Britain from the next year, and it will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.

System using same technology as police breathalysers, this means that driver need to blow into hand-held unit which analyses the breath and if there is no alcohol over the limit, engine can be started. If the blood alcohol limit is exceeded a red light appear on the control panel, and engine can’t be started. Green light means that engine can start and yellow that engine can start but but the driver is advised not to drive.Alcoguard alcohol limit is set up at 20 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood by the Swedish drive rules, but Volvo dealers can change this set up because the drive rules are different is many countries.

Results are stored for thirty minutes after the engine was turned off, so if the driver stop they for for a short while they don’t need to repeat the procedure.

A Volvo spokesman said:

We have aimed to create as convenient and user-friendly a solution as possible.
The easier it is to use, the greater the number of people who will embrace it.

Volvo assume that they can sold 2000 units for one year. If we know that about 3 000 people get killed or injured in in drink drive collisions, then we need this system in every car on the planet.