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Vodafone Launch Bringing the Music

News author: Cara 11.09.2007 Comments Off

Vodafone ShopIn a world where music is one of the main attractions for people the world is going to be able to capture music in a whole new way. Vodafone has just launched in the U.K. and offers subscribers the ability to download and play unlimited amounts of music on their phone. This is an amazing ability that provides the opportunity to update and share playlists with friends and family with only a push of a button.

The Vodafone release coincides quite closely with the release of the iPhone in the U.K. as well and helps to ensure that those who really want to take music everywhere have plenty of options to choose from. While many users do not have compatible phones, they can be purchased from either Vodafone or even checking with Phones4U shops to find the handset that is best suited to their needs. Those who already have a compatible phone can start downloading the application now to enjoy all of the music without having to pay the per download charge that most companies require to have the latest music.

In the musical world, this makes life quite a bit sweeter to consumers that before have been hit with per piece charges for music and forced to limit their selections in order to stay within a budget. Vodafone is opening up the possibility of downloaded music to so many more people than ever before. With a huge selection of music available and an affordable price Vodafone has hit the ground running with this service. The ability to add the service to touch screen and even Blackberry handsets in the near future means even those smartphone users can enjoy the benefits of Vodafone as well.
So as the number of companies looking to expand music grows, Vodafone is definitely getting a jump start on the process and not too far before the holiday season will have people looking for great presents. This combined with the launch of the iPhone is sure to have many U.K. customers looking for new phones in the near future.