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Concept phone Motorola Piccolo for the lovely ladies has made upon us due impression, time of truly man’s product – concept video-phone under brand Sony Ericsson now has come. The concept author of Video Phone is the designer by name Anthony Mepstoun (Anthony Mapstone).

Sony Ericsson Video Phone becomes ideal means, for example, with own hand to finish shooting the best goals of Euro-2008. However impress also its other options, for example, support of hand-written input, and also more modest: the face-to-face camera for videocalls, a MP4-player and… In the original are specified 8MB of the built in memory, but we shall consider it as a typing error and in calculation we shall accept all the same greater volume – 8GB.

Besides enough interesting the rotary design of the case looks, feature to transform Video Phone in high-grade camcorder. The accurate browser, a mediaplayer – will challenge the complete set of technologies to any of projects XpressMedia/XpressMusic so actively developed at present by company Nokia.