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Venturi Mini – cars MP3 streaming and hands-free calls gadget

Uncategorized author: Djuki 08.21.2007 Comments Off

Venturi MiniNew product from NextGen Venturi is called Venturi Mini, MP3 streaming and hands-free calls gadget for your car. This is first car gadget with bluetooth and radio transmitter technology. This great gadget let you to play music from your digital MP3 music player or mobile phone. It can be connected with four phones at the same time. You just need to plug it in the cigarette lighter socket, and play some relaxing music. There is no need for installation at all, just plug and play. If you travel a lot Venturi Mini will make your travels much pleasanter and funnier.

Venturi Mini

One of the greatest Venturi feature is it’s RDS technology which show who is calling you on your car radio display, awesome. While you talk it paused your music until you finish conversation. The Venturi Mini is charging with USB style 5v port, so you can change it while you are in the road. Mini will play music, and take calls, while you charge it. You control your Venturi Mini with the scrollwheel interface and OLED display.

This fabulous gadget will be available in September for £80.