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USB chargeable batteres

Uncategorized author: admin 12.15.2006 Comments Off

USB AA Moixa Energy company presents ultimate battery solution, no more cables, no more chargers. All you need is free USB port. All most used battery types are planed to be supported in near future. For now only commercially available USB battery is AA standard. There are plans for AAA, 9V battery and also for batteries for mobile devices such as modern PDAs and mobile phones.
Used technology is quite simple there is no need for chargers and cables cause batteries have built in standard USB connector or in case of AAA batteries standard USB connector. And when the initially charge is depleted all you have to do is to plug in your batteries in some free USB port on your desktop, laptop or gaming console.

There are few obstacles for these batteries. First of all is price that you have to pay for one USB chargeable AA battery, and for now it is over $20. If this kind of batteries became popular, with big serial production, USB battery pack would be affordable to wider public. The other problem that USB batteries currently have is the problem with long charging time. To charge the AA battery up to 90% of its capacity, it should be plugged in the USB port for more then 5 hours. The whole concept loose big part of the functionality because of this. Imagine that you have to leave your laptop on for 5 hours to charge your batteries, there are just few laptops that have that kind of autonomy, and even if you have such laptops after 5 hours its battery is depleted. This problem probably will be fixed in next generation, by using advanced charging technology.