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Unlocked LG Prada Phone on Amazon

Uncategorized author: Djuki 07.20.2007 Comments Off

LG Prada KE850 unlockedLG Prada Phone was available only in Europe, from carriers. But Amazon.comoffers Unlocked LG Prada phone which can be used in the whole word, including USA. This phone has touch screen like iPhone. It’s price is from 679.99 on Amazon.

This phone is co-developed with fashion house “Prada”, so it is combination of tech and fashion. Prada phone has a lot of features but don’t mix it with smart phones because it is just regular phone. You wil like it’s large 3 inch TFT display with 256k colors and touchscreen functionality.

The TFT 3 inch display with 256k colors will be perfect for viewing photos, and rich user interface. Prada phone is very lightweight, it’s 86 grams seams very small vhen you look at the fact that this is the big phone.

You will like his touchscreen functionality, no more buttons people. For touchscreen you will use your own fingers, there is no need for stylus. But this could be a problem if you have a really wide fingertips. It has 2Mpx camera, which produces clear and bright photos.

LG Prada KE850 unlocked

The LG KE850 is very beautiful high class phone with elegant lines. It supports GSM network and EDGE data and it can work in Europe and in the Americas because it can work on 900, 1800 and 1900MHz. If you are in US, this phone won’t fully support AT&T/Cingular’s network but it wil work fine with T-Mobile. If you want to have beautiful phone this can be your choice.

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