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Universal online mannequin

News promoted author: Ivand 01.18.2014 Comments Off

XL, L, S… one of the biggest problems in clothes online shopping, sizes. Standardized but varies from manufacturer to manufacturer from season to season. In the end you are unable to know will your new shirt will fit you and most important how will it fit you. In the end one of the every four items are returned, due to a poor fit.


Solution comes from Tartu, Estonia, where robotics section of the University of Tartu, presented a Robotic mannequin able to change its shape according to your exact dimensions.


Adidas, Hugo Boss among many others recognized the opportunity in lowering number of return shipments due to the poor fit and rise profits and user satisfaction, and start shipping their new clothes lines to the studio in Estonia, where staff dress a mannequin and then change over couple thousands combinations of hip width, chest diameter, arm length and waist size. All combinations are photographed, and stored in the database. So when you go to the entering your body size, and you can see particular item, on your body shape.

3d rendering was the previous solution for this issue, but as claims, their system is much more accurate and natural.