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The Marantz IS201 – universal iPod dock

Uncategorized author: Djuki 05.02.2006 Comments Off

The Marantz IS201

Everybody loved iPod dock stations because they could watch videos on TV and listen to music on man-size speakers. But we can use stations with specific brands, and people don’t like this fact.

Now we have new iPod docking station, the Marantz IS201 witch can be integrated with any home cinema, hi-fi system or PC. I think this IPod docking station has advantage in front other stations. The IS201 create on-screen display directly on the TV via S-Video. With this dock, you will get a remote handset, so you can control sound without a touching a iPod. With RS232 connection you can connect iPod with PC, and enjoying in music during work on PC.

The Marantz IS201 can be connected with many components simultaneously like: stereo phono, S-Video, RC-5, IR-Flasher input and RS-232 connections. It will work with any iPod except the Shuffle. The Marantz IS201 will be available in June, and it’s price will be around £100.