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Ultimate Ears ships 4 vi earphones for iPhone

Uncategorized author: Cara 01.08.2008 Comments Off

Ears ships 4 vi earphones for iPhoneWe all know that the iPhone was a sleek and stylishly sexy way to combine together all of the benefits of a smart phone, iPod and normal cell phone together into beautiful harmony.  But do you really want to bother everyone with the music that you are listening to?  Most people like a bit of privacy, and there are sometimes when the privacy that headphones can give you is much needed so that you do not disturb others.  What about the ability to add together a microphone so that you can talk using the headphones?  This is what the 4 vi earphones for iPhone are offering.  These are the perfect little gem to stick in your pocket and work seamlessly with your iPhone.

Want additional features?  This is the perfect things for you then, with the ability to answer phone calls right from the headphones without taking the phone out of your pocket these headphones are quite versatile and are ready to go to work when you are.  A superb sound system ensures that even though it may not hold as many songs as an iPod your iPhone will still deliver exceptionally crisp and polished sound.  The overall usage of the 4 vi headphones is incredible with the sound quality as well as the superb features.

Ultimate Ears ships 4 vi earphones for iPhoneUltimate Ears ships 4 vi earphones for iPhone just in the nick of time to snag a pair to go with your iPhone.  The features that this combines along with the beautiful aluminum housing for the earpieces make this a great stylish pair of headphones that is worthy of being used on the iPhone.  Picking up your pair will be a bit pricy though, the headphones are expected to sell in the $150 range. But while the price may be a bit steep, the product you are getting is exceptional.