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Tune your run with iPod nano and Nike sneakers

Uncategorized author: Djuki 05.29.2006 3

iPod + Nike KitTune your run! Everybody like to enjoying in music while exercise. Apple in cooperation with Nike has announced the Nike+iPod Sports Kit. Some people think this could get the geek out of the bedroom, but i don’t agree. I think this product is for people who like sport and music, not for geeks.

The system uses a sensor which fits into the insole to communicate with receiver witch is inserted into iPod’s nano dock connector. Then sensor, tracks data like time, distance, pace and calories and transmit it to iPod witch display it on the screen.

Tune your run with iPod nanoThe iTunes store will be updated with ‘Nike Sport Music’ section with music for workout, podcasts with advices from Lance Armstrong, Paula Radcliffe and more.

New iPod nano firmware will have an optional ‘Nike+iPod’ menu and only one trainer will be available. This fancy kit comes in July. The Sensor will costing just 12$ and iPod receiver around 100$. I think, that Apple partnership with Nike is positive move, and iPod nano users will have benefit from it. And just like the Apple said:

You don’t just take iPod nano on your run. You let it take you. Music is your motivation. But what if you want to go further? Thanks to a unique partnership between NIKE and Apple, your iPod nano becomes your coach. Your personal trainer. Your favorite workout companion. Introducing Nike+iPod.

How ti tune your run?