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Toshiba gigabeat portable media playerToshiba America Consumer Products announced availability of gigabeat Portable Media Players. They are based on Windows Mobile® Portable Media Center Version 2.0 and you can find them in 30GB and 60GB versions. Toshiba has partnership with Starz Entertainment Group witch offers to users new Vongo(SM) service where they can find long movies. The Vongo is presented at 2006 Consumer Electronics Show, and it delivers video content over Internet to PC or portable media devices, and subscribers can watch them like on TVs. The Vongo’s subscribers don’t have limitation to more than 1,600 movies and videos and live streaming Starz TV channel for 9.99$ per months. Demanding users can use popular pay-per-view titles for $3.99 per one movie.

“Vongo certifying the gigabeat as its first approved portable device and associated agreement with Toshiba is a major development for Starz and the digital entertainment industry,” said Bob Greene, Executive Vice President of Advanced Services for SEG. “Vongo and Toshiba deliver together true ‘on the go’ portability for movies, TV episodes and concerts with a true next generation device. Even better, we do so at no additional charge for Vongo subscribers.”

Toshiba gigabeat portable media playerToshiba will continue partnership with Napster to provide users easy way to get their favorite music on gigabeat Media Players. Toshiba has two new partners: eMusic(TM) and RealNetworks’® Rhapsody® service. Napster offers two premium services: Napster and Napster To Go where subscribers can enjoying in CD-quality music, community and programming features. Napster To Go is more powerful service where users can transfer an unlimited amount of music to compatible MP3 players like Toshiba gigabeat.

eMusic has more than 1.2 million tracks in MP3 format, so users can burn CDs or transfer songs to MP3 players and copy song as much as they want.

“We’re excited to provide new gigabeat owners with a fantastic selection of great music and to welcome them to eMusic’s community of music fans,” said David Pakman, CEO and President of eMusic.

RealNetworks’® Rhapsody® service gives subscribers access to more than 2 million songs in every major label. On Rhapsody To Go service users can download music to fill there gigabeat Portable Media Player. Consumer of gigabeat player can enjoy in 30-day free trial at Rhapsody To Go service

Few information’s about gigabeat media player …
The Gigabeat has color screen with 20 x 240 resolution, and innovative PlusTouch(TM) button. The FM Tuner is build into gigabeat, so users can listen to favorite stations where ever they want. The Gigabeat also has ability to transfer digital images directly from video cameras. And Finally can be connected to Television for the ultimate in convenience.