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Toshiba Satellite X200

Notebooks author: Cara 10.26.2007 Comments Off

Bringing the ultimate gaming experience to your lap, this is the perfect laptop for all of your needs plus so much more. This is an incredible PC regardless of whether you are a fan of laptops or not. Offering Windows Vista Ultimate, this comes out better than most other laptops that offer lesser versions of the newest Windows OS.

Toshiba Satellite X200

Other features that are packed into this great laptop include Harman/Kardon stereo speakers including a sweet little built in subwoofer for the ultimate sound experience. With the laptop boosting a powerful little Intel Duo processor that packs a nice little 1.8GHz speed as well as 2GB of RAM right off the shelf you are already looking at a very powerful machine. Throw into the mix your choice of 250GB or 300GB hard drive and you are taking plenty of storage space anywhere you go.

Additionally, the Toshiba Satellite X200 has a Super Multi Double Layer Drive included to allow you to burn almost any media you could possibly imagine. A bright and beautiful 17” wide display ensures that you have maximum viewing potential. For those who love to stay in touch there is a small little 1.3MP web camera included, as well as a microphone built right on board.

A full sized keyboard, as well as 5 in 1 media reader, and a whopping 6 USB 2.0 ports help round out this laptop. With all of the features packed in you may be surprised that we have yet to mention Wi-Fi capability, but of course, this computer includes that as well. What is a gaming computer without wireless ability? Additionally, the computer offers Bluetooth 2.0 and is capable of running wireless on 802.11a/g and also n frequencies.

From start to finish this laptop is designed to really fit all of your needs. With a bit of a heavy weight at 9.3 pounds it is well worth the slightly bulky feeling for everything the laptop brings with it. Your only color choice is unfortunately red flames, but for a gaming PC in a laptop this computer has everything you need, and has an incredible appearance overall.