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From Russia with love – first Russian smartphone launched by the end of the last year. Yota Devices signs the latest player on the smartphone market.


First YotaPhone, by the Russian start-up company Yota, has battery capacity just about 18000 mAh,  but inspite that, Yota claims that YotaPhone has autonomy over 50 hours in reading mode. While in airplane mode, with networks switched of, it can last over 85 hours.


Main reason for this type of autonomy lays in the LCD screen used on the device, actually two LCD screens used. First LCD is quite similar to the all others screens that can be found on other smartphones, and second is made on eInk technology, similar to the old Kindle readers. So if you want to extend the battery life, all you have to do is to use other eInk screen.


Analysts are still quite reserved in predicting the future of Russian YotaPhone, specially when we take the retail price in consideration 19.900 Russian rubles (about 443 euros).