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Samsung Galaxy S5 official unveiling in March 2014

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Samsung corp, one of the largest if not the largest competitor to Apple in the smartphone market, is there any other phone market any more, is playing aggressive on the market, releasing Samsung S3, quickly after S4, and now S5 is on it’s way.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 might arrive in March, just shortly after MWC (Mobile World Congress), at the keynote event which should be again held in London. Information is coming from Italian tech journalist Flavio Piccioni, who’s not revealing the source of these info except that the source is reliable.

Samsung just officially confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will not make an official appearance at MWC, but is still on track to getting officially unveiled by the end of April. Thous London based event in March for seems legit for the global launch of Samsung’s next big thing.


For Samsung S4 release, Samsung held a massive event were they lift the covers off the new flagship device. The keynote was held in New York’s Radio City Music Hall with a full orchestra and a theatrical troupe for the presentation.

We are holding a breath for something big, from Samsung.

Nokia’s Android phone appears as a prototype

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Photos of Nokia’s future Android based mobile handset – codename Normandy appeared sometimes by the end of last year. Now another picture surfaced on Twitter, showing “engineering prototype” with back button and the Nokia logo on a live screen.

Image is coming from, as we anticipated China, surfaced first on Weibo (Chinese social network)  showing a phone that, despite a protective case hiding some of its details, looks quite similar to the leaked images released in November. nokia-on-android

According to sources familiar with the project, the phone will use a version of Android, and a custom UI that has elements incorporated from both Windows Phone and Nokia’s low-end Asha range.

The Normandy project was previously on hold after Nokia’s purchase by Microsoft. Nokia reportedly started experimenting with Android prior to its acquisition, but it was thought the new buyers wouldn’t want to release a phone using a competitors operating system to its own Windows Phone.

LG Optimus G Pro leaked info

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This is one of my favorite kind of posts leaked info about new not yet released devices. Latest leek is about successor of the LG Optimus G still holding a good position as a powerful Android device.

lg optimus g pro

Upgraded version LG Optimus G should come with 5.5 inch full HD IPS-LCD display (phablet anyone?) and quad-core Snapdragon processor working on 1.7GHz and 2GB of RAM. By the leaked specs, new Optimus will have 13Mpix main camera and front 2Mpix version.

Also, Optimus G Pro should have 32GB of internal memory expandable with microSD cards up to 64GB. Main improvements are on  autonomy side, it should have high capacity 3140 mAh battery.

LG Optimus G Pro will be a strong competitor to the next generation devices such as Samusng Galaxy S4, HTC M7 and recently released Sony Xperia Z.


iPad 2.0?

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Apple has dispatched invitations for the great event scheduled on March the 2th in San Francisco. By the rumors, on that event they will present the successor of the iPad.

The invitation was not that mysterious, as you can see above. An iPad display is glancing under the calendar. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New Apple iPhone fourth generation – seek peek – video

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We were quite skeptical when we lay our eyes on the possible iPhone HD photos yesterday, but today Gizmodo is coming up with lots of images and video about the new mysterious device find in a bar in Redwood

And by the all information available this is the right thing – so you are just now looking at the Next iPhone – or it’s prototype at least. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Rumor: Iphone G4 / HD

autor: Vladimir 18.04.2010 2

Engadget has come upon some photos about possible Apple iPhone generation four or iPhone HD – cause we are not sure what name Apple will give to the next iPhone.

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By the lattest information that came, the Canon corp is preparing something big for this fall. By their exact words  “…Canon will make one of its largest and most important launches in the company’s history…”.

Initial origin of these information has been tracked to the Sweden, cause Canon Sweden is inviting their business partners to the “most important event in company’s history”.
This is how the invitation looks like:
september29-canon-teaser Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Rumors that world largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is preparing new Android powered touchscreen phone are getting louder and louder. This kind of news even got up to the British Guardian, which quotes anonymous “industry insiders” who’s  claiming that Nokia will reveal an Android powered touchscreen mobile phone in the fourth quarter.


Nokia is not the part of the Open Headset Alliance code, that supports Android OS for mobile devices, but still there is a growning complains about Symbian OS on Nokia touchscreen headsets. S60 Symbian is just not up to that task, it’s perfect for the older generation of the smart phones with qwerty keyboards

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Digital photography site has released information, unofficial, about the next Canon’s DSLR body. Not just that they are prediction presentation of the new DSLR body, but entire new class even below the current Canon’s DSLR entry level class.


Some limited information has appeared in the beginning of the year about alleged preparation of the new entry level Canon DSLR, but that kind of rumors are frequent and usually more reflecting users wishes then real information from manofacturers. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Officially iPhone is coming to Canada

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Roger wireless, one of the Canada’s biggest mobile operator, has mentioned on their regular press conference held for presenting financial data, that they have reached an agreement with Apple corp to sell iPhone on Canadian market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →