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Rumors that world largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is preparing new Android powered touchscreen phone are getting louder and louder. This kind of news even got up to the British Guardian, which quotes anonymous “industry insiders” who’s  claiming that Nokia will reveal an Android powered touchscreen mobile phone in the fourth quarter.


Nokia is not the part of the Open Headset Alliance code, that supports Android OS for mobile devices, but still there is a growning complains about Symbian OS on Nokia touchscreen headsets. S60 Symbian is just not up to that task, it’s perfect for the older generation of the smart phones with qwerty keyboards

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HTC Touch Diamond – real diamond in the HTC lineup

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It was just a mater of time when will Taiwanese PDA mobile phone manufacturer, HTC will show their iPhone competitor.

Few days ago HTC has revealed their flagship – HTC Touch Diamond. HTC Touch is using HTC inovative 3D touch interface – HTC is calling it TouchFLO 3D – which is quite simillar to the version of OS X thats iPhone is running. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Samsung i760 Pocket PC Phone

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sch-i760_press_01.jpgFor those who hate to carry around large amounts of electronics there is some relief in sight. Samsung is releasing their new Pocket PC phone and it is a true beauty that is powerful and extremely light weight. The Samsung i760 Pocket PC phone is bringing together a full QWERTY keyboard combined with Windows Mobile 5, which leaves you with a very powerful and equipped phone that fits into your hand.

While the Blackberry and other companies are also offering smart phones and Pocket PC phones, the options are much larger, heavier and bulkier. Not exactly designed to fit into a pocket for easy transportation. The Samsung i760 on the other hand is small enough to easily fit into any pocket at a slim 4 ounces, which translates into a sleek 119g. This leaves the Samsung i760 coming in much smaller than most other phones on the market today, yet still more powerful. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Asus P526 Smart Phone Gone Extreme

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sc001.jpg While most smart phones are, getting smarter most do not readily offer Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0, which makes it so simple to really garner the full potential of your smart phone. In the world of smart phones, the Asus P526 smart phone is one of the best options for those who are more interested in a smart phone rather than an iPod on steroids.

The camera on the Asus P526 is the standard sized 2MP with a 2.6” touch screen area to work with. The good news for those who hate fully touch screen phones is the phone also has a standard keypad that can be used. However, for sending massive amounts of text messages or e-mails then the phone is lacking a QWERTY keyboard to make it much easier to send the mail faster.

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Nokia N810 Striking the Hears of Smartphone Lovers

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Of course, we all knew after the ultimate smart phone the Blackberry and iPhone hit the market that all of the other companies would not be able to stand being out of the game and of course Nokia has delivered their product. Coming in the package of the Nokia N810 this tablet styled smart phone offers a huge punch in a small package. Coming in at approximately the same price as many of the pricy competition phones including the iPhone this little gem offers several great features that help you go from lost to found in moments.

Nokia N810

Everybody wants features, it seems like a contest to see who can pack more into a phone, and Nokia has jammed the N810 full of them. With wi-fi access, a GPS system, Skype compatibility, as well as MP3 player, and beautiful 4.13” widescreen monitor to just name a few this phone is here to stay. Even for those who need tons of storage space Nokia is ready to answer your needs with an optional 10GB memory card that gives you room for up to an incredible 7,500 songs. Nastavi sa čitanjem →


Let us face it very few phones can compare overall to the sleek and stylish features that Apple has packed into the iPhone. However, the Samsung F700 has been called the iPhone killer for several reasons and it seems as if some of these reasons may well be justified. The sleek little phone has several great features that even the iPhone does not have. However, while Samsung may have created a sweet little phone here, there are a few key features that iPhone lovers have all noticed are either lacking or missing in the Samsung F700 – iPhone killer Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Sony Ericsson P1i

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p1i.jpgThis is definitely a great little phone wrapped up into a tiny little package that is amazingly powerful and designed to help you accomplish as much as possible, in the least amount of time possible. This sleek little phone packs a lot of power into the small space cramming in a 3.2MP camera, Wi-Fi, Symbian 9.1, and a 2.6” display to use with the stylus that is included.

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Nokia E51 – Business in a Phone

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nokia_e51.jpgCan you imagine a world where a cellular phone is able to integrate into the normal PBX system that your business is running. Imagine the cost benefits, the advantages for routing calls, and the increased productivity of no longer having to play telephone tag with clients just to handle a few small issues. The Nokia E51 has come to answer that dream. No longer is this just simply a daydream that seems impossible. The Nokia E51 aims to allow you to easily and quickly integrate your phone into the existing PBX for your business with as little hassle as possible and help you stay on top of things with a smooth and easy to operate phone.While many smart phones are a pain to set up and use, the Nokia E51 is designed to be as simple to set up and use as possible which really is a huge help if you are unsure about what you are doing, or if you are looking for a first time smart phone. Features such as the one-touch keys that give you access Nastavi sa čitanjem →

HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger

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ipaq500series.jpgEveryone knew HP certainly was not going to stay out of the smart phone business. There is by far way too much money in the smart phone business for any major business to pass up the field. HP’s newest answer is the HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger. This phone is definitely a step in the right direction for HP and has several great features that are amazing and quite functional.

With Windows Mobile 6.0 operating on the phone and the ability to synchronize Outlook and the other great Microsoft Office Mobile tools there are plenty of ways this phone will help you stay organized and productive. Additionally the phone is designed to work heavily with voice commands that allows it to be quite functional and easy to use.

The phone also has the capability of Wi-Fi Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Palm Treo 700p

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Palm Treo 700pIf you are in the search for a smart phone, the Palm Treo 700p is the product you should be looking at. It will join you in all your trips offering you quality and the services that you need: phone, wireless email, instant messaging, web browser plus many media capabilities.

The Palm Treo 700p is a small but smart device. It measures 5.08″ x 2.28″ x 0.89″ inches and weighs only 180 grams (6.4 ounces). These are approximately the dimensions of the previous Treos – the 650 and the 700 w, but the Palm Treo 700p presents more features.

The hardware of this small device is a sturdy one, having 312 MHz PXA270 Intel XScale processor. The memory of this toll has been improved and now the 700p includes 128 MB that can be used for internal program memory, of which 60 MB is user-available. Both the internal application memory space: the dbcache and the dbheap were improved and reorganized so that there is more space for data. The dbheap is up to 10 Mb while the db cache is of 18 MB. All these memory boosts were positive steps taken by Palm Treo, making it a firm and trustworthy tool. In addition, you will benefit of the SD/MMC memory expansion slot, the Palm Treo 700p having the FAT 32 support that can take up to 2 GB. The only drawback of the Palm Treo 700p is the fact that it does not support WiFi via an SD card. Nastavi sa čitanjem →