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Nokia’s Android phone appears as a prototype

autor: Ivand 13.01.2014 Comments Off

Photos of Nokia’s future Android based mobile handset – codename Normandy appeared sometimes by the end of last year. Now another picture surfaced on Twitter, showing “engineering prototype” with back button and the Nokia logo on a live screen.

Image is coming from, as we anticipated China, surfaced first on Weibo (Chinese social network)  showing a phone that, despite a protective case hiding some of its details, looks quite similar to the leaked images released in November. nokia-on-android

According to sources familiar with the project, the phone will use a version of Android, and a custom UI that has elements incorporated from both Windows Phone and Nokia’s low-end Asha range.

The Normandy project was previously on hold after Nokia’s purchase by Microsoft. Nokia reportedly started experimenting with Android prior to its acquisition, but it was thought the new buyers wouldn’t want to release a phone using a competitors operating system to its own Windows Phone.

112 brilliants for Nokia 8800

autor: Djuki 07.06.2008 Comments Off

The next fine example of interoperability of jeweller art and high technologies under the rather big price is presented today right here.

Company Nokia together with Norwegian jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl (Thomas Hejerdalom) has let out the smart version of phone Nokia 8800. The novelty is inlaid by 112 brilliants in gross weight of 0,7 carats and let out by the limited circulation – only 100 copies, each of which has individual number.

Nokia 8800

Besides a loose of jewels phone can brag of the two-inch QVGA-display with support of 16 million colors, 3,2-Mpx camera with function of an auto focus and a 8-fold digital zoom, support of possibilities 3G and 1 GB the built in memory. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nokia 3600 slide- perfect combo

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Few days ago Nokia has unrevised three new headsets on their press conference, Nokia 6600 slide and Nokia 6600 fold which are both serious headsets with obvious elegant note. In opposite to them new Nokia 3600 slide is the bringing the most fun in the lineup.

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Nokia 6600 slide

With recent release of the Nokia 6600 fold, Nokia corporation has reviled another headset with a similar name Nokia 6600 slide.
Nokia 6600 slide is carrying one nice record as the smallest slider ever made by Nokia. Like it’s brother 6600 fold, main design feature of the new 6600 slide is simplicity and sophistication. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nokia presented recycled phone

autor: Djuki 14.02.2008 Comments Off

Nokia, the biggest cellphone maker in the word, presented phone made of renewed and recycled parts, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress. Name for this phone is “Remade” and Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo presented it an the keynote speech. Remade is very thin and it’s design is unique. Actually this phone can’t make calls this is just concept, and we don’t know is it going to be actually manufactured or not. It is made from metal cans, plastic bottles, and car tyres.

Nokia remade

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Nokia N96 presented in Barcelona

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Nokia N96

In Barcelona yesterday started Mobile World Congress 2008, and Nokia presented they fresh and hot model N96. We already showed you of the record info, and now after official demonstrate, we have more info directly from Nokia.

The Nokia N96 is optimized for video and TV with it’s large 2.8 inch screen, very large internal memory of 16GB, and high quality videos support, this is new age multimedia phone. This prone will be available for sale in third quarter of 2008, with price of 550 Euros without of taxes and subsidies.

“In 2007, the Nokia N95 became an icon of convergence of Internet and mobility. With over 7 million units sold to date, the N95 has changed the way people use their mobile device. The Nokia N96 we introduced today builds on the success of N95, further enhancing the experience,” says Jonas Geust, who oversees Nokia’s Explore category. “Through the power of the Internet, video and TV are becoming even more prevalent in people’s lives. With its large, bright screen, and a range of high-speed connectivity options and the enhanced Nokia Video Center, the new Nokia N96 is a personal window to entertainment.”

Nokia at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona Video:

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Leaked info about Nokia N96

autor: Djuki 08.02.2008 1

Recently we can hear the rumors about new Nokia N96, now we have full specification which leaked on the web. In just a few days this hot phone will be showed on GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This phone support DVB-H and HSDPA, and it can be used all over the world in all GSM networks (50/900/1800/1900). It’s internal memory is very very large 16GB will be enough for your favourite movies and much more. If you need more memory, ok put extra external memory into Hot Swap MicroSD memory expansion slot.

 Nokia N96

This is first Nokia S60 3rd Edition. Camera has 5Mpx and Carl Zeiss optic, which is supported with dual led and Nokia coud use powerful Xenon flash for this. The Nokia N96 is based on OMAP 2420 chipset, and it can record video in VGA resolution. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nokia N82

autor: Cara 27.12.2007 Comments Off

Nokia N82As we have all come to expect great things from Nokia they are certainly delivering with the Nokia N82 which is bringing together some really fantastic features along with a sleek and stylish design that is sure to be appealing to those who are looking for some of the best benefits in phone technology. The brief overview of the phone gives you a nice looking 2.4” QVGA display that gives you ample room for looking at all of the information stored in the phone, as well as a highly impressive 5MP camera that includes a Xenon flash and even an auto-focus Carl Zeiss lens.

Additionally there is the fantastic quad-band GSM and 2100MHz HSDPA working together flawlessly with the Bluetooth 2.0, which is coming standard so often, Wi-Fi for those essential moments and even a nifty FM tuner and a microSD memory slot so you have plenty of storage room. For those who love to roam around the open road the Nokia N82 brings an extra special present for you in the form of the fully integrated GPS. This means you can reduce the number of electronics you are carrying around with you yet again since a GPS is no longer needed. Nastavi sa čitanjem →