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Sony’s video-playing Walkmans A810 was very successfully and they created new series A820, which is going to attach iPods market. The A820 is small like iPod Nano and other features like Touch. This can be dangeroust game for Sony, they could want to satisfied both sides, but at the end they could satisfied no one. The buyers will give they judgment, was this smart move from Sony.

Sony NWZ-A826

This player is expensive,  it’s price is £145 for 4GB NWZ-A826. It’s  £46 more than iPod Nano with same equipment. The Sony A280 series has Bluetooth wireless DR-BT21G headphones included, and they price is £70. Bluetooth technology and large 2.4″ screen  make this player expensive. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Sansa Fuze attack iPod market

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Apple iPod family are most selling multimedia devices in the world, but they are not only one. SanDisk wants to take part of they market, but they know they cant take the crown.

SanDisk Sansa Fuze

Sansa Fuze is compact device with measure of 7,87 x 4,82 x 0,76 cm,  and some characteristics like big iPod, but with proce of iPod shuffle. Fuze comes with 2.4 and 8GB flash disk. It supports  MP3, WAV, Audible, WMA, MPEG-4 and JPEG formats, also it is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux Operating systems. FM Radio is included into this device, so as microSD memory slot. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Olympus SP-570UZ – ultra ultra 20x zoom digital camera

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In their pre PMA08 announcements, Olympus has released informations about new digital cameras for the new season. Probably the most interesting model is new ultra zoom digital camera SP-570UZ. SP-570UZ is coming to replace current SP-560UZ.

Major improvements are made on the zoom lens, it become longer and wider not physical just optical, so now it starts at pretty wide 26mm and it goes up to 520 Nastavi sa čitanjem →

SanDisk Sansa Clip

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Looking for a MP3 player that will not leave your wallet lonely and sad can seem like a rather impossible task.  ScanDisk has worked pretty hard though and come out with a wonderful solution.  The SanDisk Sansa Clip is a tiny little MP3 player that packs a huge punch and honestly comes at one of the most affordable prices there is for a MP3 player on the market.  With a price tag of only $40, you are getting an entire 1GB size, plus a FM radio and voice recorder all wrapped together into a sleek little black MP3 player that is comparable in size to the iPod Shuffle.

SanDisk Sansa Clip

With an impressive 15 hours of playtime for the internal battery as well as 40 channel presets with the FM radio, you can see that this is certainly not a toy at all, despite the cute appearance that it offers.  With room for approximately 250 songs this is the perfect MP3 player to start out with or if you are just looking for something that is small and yet still affordable.  Compared to many other similar sized MP3 players this brings a lot of benefits and a really great price tag to the table. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Creative 32 GB Zen

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For those who love to take a lot of music with them a small 1 GB or even 4 GB MP3 player is just not big enough. Creative has heard the cries and designed a nice sleek and stylish 32 GB model of their popular Zen MP3 player. Due out around Christmas time this sleek little package is set up and ready to go in terms of truly making people happy and keeping all of the excitement over MP3 players buzzing. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New and (un)improved 80GB Zune

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80zune.jpgFor the people who love music the market has been largely saturated by the iPod, but for those who do not like the iPod much the options have been very small. Yet the Microsoft 80GB Zune has come to offer a worthy alternative. For those who need plenty of space, the 80GB hard drive ensures that you can take all or at least a majority of your music collection with you anywhere you go. Some of the other additional things that are nice are the big bright 3.2” glass LCD that provides ample viewing room for your videos.

Some of the negative features is the Zune is still only capable of working with a PC in order to get your music to the MP3 player. While this is a small negative, in comparison to some of the wireless MP3 players coming out on the market it can be a bit of a drawback. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New iPod Nano Taking a Tiny Bite Out of Video

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nano2.jpgOk now this is absolutely adorable and just so cute that you cannot help but love these little things. At a whopping 6.5mm and the screen is coming in at an adorable 2” diagonal. Ok so the classic iPod is a bit bigger at 2.5” but honestly, if you are looking for something teeny tiny that fits anywhere, and comes in almost as many colors as you have shoes, then this is the perfect iPod choice for you.

The sleek little new iPod Nanos are coming in with two sizes at 4 gigs and again at 8 gigs, with both under $200. While the 4 gig is only available in silver, you have your choice of several colors with the sexy little 8 gig Nano. If you are looking for tons of storage space the 8 gig is able to hold about 2,000 songs, or up to 7,000 pictures. That is a lot of entertainment in a very small area. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

iPod Touch Bringing iPod Up a Notch

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touch2.jpgEveryone went nuts when the iPhone came out because it was so sleek, sexy, shiny and of course touch screen. Now Apple is working to build on that excitement with the next toy from their gadget box the iPod Touch. This amazing little iPod is based on the same touch screen technology as the iPhone however with the same hard drive sizes available it is going to be a very hard sell for some. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

ipod-classic.jpgWe all know Apple has been enjoying a great high lately as sales of the iPhone have been through the roof but for those who simply want music, music and oh yeah more music nothing in this world can compare to the iPod Classic. This perfect MP3 player keeps getting better each year, and smaller as well. Packing a huge 160 gigs of son Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New Zunes from Microsoft validate rumors

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Microsoft Zune 2Microsoft released new Zunes 2 linup with three Zune models, so the rumors was true. Two of them are flash based and can be find in pink, green, black and glossy red colors. They capacities are 4 and 8GB, if this is not big enough for you then check out the Apple Classic size Zune with 80GB. New Zunes 2 can synchronize with Windows Media Player via Wi-FI.

All of them have same resolution, 320×240 but it is stretched to different screen size, 80GB model have 3.2 inch screen and flash based Zune’s have 1.8 inch screens. The Zunes 2 have FM tuner and they can play video files too. Nastavi sa čitanjem →