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Rumors that world largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is preparing new Android powered touchscreen phone are getting louder and louder. This kind of news even got up to the British Guardian, which quotes anonymous “industry insiders” who’s  claiming that Nokia will reveal an Android powered touchscreen mobile phone in the fourth quarter.


Nokia is not the part of the Open Headset Alliance code, that supports Android OS for mobile devices, but still there is a growning complains about Symbian OS on Nokia touchscreen headsets. S60 Symbian is just not up to that task, it’s perfect for the older generation of the smart phones with qwerty keyboards

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Samsung i850 – “Innov8″

autor: jheLozenn 25.10.2008 1

Samsung Innov8Wouldn’t it be nice if you can carry around a good camera and a good mobile phone anywhere, without having to lug aroung big pieces? Well, Samsung has answered your prayers. The i850, aptly called Innov8, takes mobile handset photography and multimedia experience to new heights.

Tech-savvy users will surely love the Innov8′s 8-megapixel camera, pre embedded 3D games, high-speed data connections, 8GB or 16GB internal memory. Mobile browsing comes easy with its optical touchpad and four-way navigation key that allow users to enjoy a PC-like experience.

And if you find yourself lost while navigating through tourist spots, the Innov8 is equipped with a GPS technology, offering NavFone navigation and geo-tagging service.

Samsung Innov8 is power-packed with these features:
•8 Megapixel with Professional Imaging Applications
•16M Colour TFT
DivX Support, 3D Surround Sound System
•8GB/16GB micro SD (up to 16GB)
Symbian 9.3 / S60 v3.2
•Wi-Fi / Built-in GPS

Concept phone Motorola Piccolo for the lovely ladies has made upon us due impression, time of truly man’s product – concept video-phone under brand Sony Ericsson now has come. The concept author of Video Phone is the designer by name Anthony Mepstoun (Anthony Mapstone).

Sony Ericsson Video Phone becomes ideal means, for example, with own hand to finish shooting the best goals of Euro-2008. However impress also its other options, for example, support of hand-written input, and also more modest: the face-to-face camera for videocalls, a MP4-player and… In the original are specified 8MB of the built in memory, but we shall consider it as a typing error and in calculation we shall accept all the same greater volume – 8GB. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Sony Ericsson C905 with 8,1 Mpx

autor: Djuki 16.06.2008 5

Difficultly to suppress in itself desire to possess given phone, looking at its photo and reading to its specification, but, at the same time, those are involuntarily recollected, the very first patterns of mobiles phone about naive 0,3 megapixels (and even it is less!) when the some people approved, as it is quite enough of it. Today the situation has a little changed, and behind the scenes costs, expecting the triumphal output, phone Sony Ericsson C905 equipped 8,1-Mpx camerar with an auto focus.

Sony Ericsson C905

The telephone camera is capable and of greater feats: system of recognition of the person, function Smart Contrast and BestPic, stabilization of images, decrease in effect of red eyes. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

112 brilliants for Nokia 8800

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The next fine example of interoperability of jeweller art and high technologies under the rather big price is presented today right here.

Company Nokia together with Norwegian jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl (Thomas Hejerdalom) has let out the smart version of phone Nokia 8800. The novelty is inlaid by 112 brilliants in gross weight of 0,7 carats and let out by the limited circulation – only 100 copies, each of which has individual number.

Nokia 8800

Besides a loose of jewels phone can brag of the two-inch QVGA-display with support of 16 million colors, 3,2-Mpx camera with function of an auto focus and a 8-fold digital zoom, support of possibilities 3G and 1 GB the built in memory. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New phone from Samsung – Soul B

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South-Korean company Samsung prepares for new phone of ruler Ultra which will refer to Soul B for release. Unlike not so long ago appeared original slider Soul, the novelty is executed in forms-factors “monoblock” and has 3-Mpx camerar instead of 5-Mpx. At phone is present 1 GB the built in memory and slot its expansions for cards microSD.

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Hot 3G iPhone images

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New 3G iPhone will be presented on 9th Jun, in meantime PG will show you some promotion images.

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Creation of the product aimed at strictly certain consumer audience, never was an easy problem, and for this reason the similar device by all means is pleasant to many thousand person. Model Sony Ericsson PXi can be carried to ruler P of this manufacturer, the author of development became designer Bens Bogar (Bence Bogar).

Sony Ericsson PXi

Smartphone it is executed in a thin body from magnesium, and the design of arrangement looks simply smartly. It is equipped by the touch display a diagonal of 3,3 inches which is capable to turn the image as it does iPhone. PXi supports management as stylus, and fingers on its right side it is located “firm” at Sony Ericsson and the small auxiliary screen, too being touch – these two interface elements cause a target audience of arrangement – lefthanders. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Samsung presented slider phone F268

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Samsung F268

At exhibition CHITEC 2008 South-Korean company Samsung has shown the wide public phone of model F268. It is stylish slider in the brilliant metal case, able to work in networks GSM of 900/1800/1900 MHz and supports WAP 2.0. The information is deduced on the 2,1-inch display with the sanction 240х320 points and support of 262144 colors. F268 it is equipped 2-Mpx camera with a digital zoom and an opportunity of record of video.

In it there is the preestablished player supporting formats MP3/MPEG4/3GP/AAC/WMA, and also the FM-receiver and slot for cards of memory of the standard microSD. At present the date started of sales and a retail price of this phone are unknown. Most likely, it will be on sale only in territory of Korea.

Samsung Intouch mobile phone concept

autor: Djuki 23.05.2008 1

Concept mobile phone Samsung Intouch, developed by the designer Christina Drojra (Christina Droira) and pair its colleagues from university Tsinitsinnati, and the sponsor has acted company Samsung. Concept uses the so-called sub-vocal voice technology developed by agency NASA for communication of astronauts in space. In a basis of technology the set of the gauges fixed on a throat of the person lays and allowing with ease to carry out voice communication.

Samsung intouch mobile phone concept

All this, certainly, allows to approve, that concept Intouch there is something greater, rather than easier phone. It consists of three details: actually telephone tube and Bluetooth ear cuff and the neck piece with adjustable magnetic enclosure. Nastavi sa čitanjem →