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Sony Ericsson C905 with 8,1 Mpx

autor: Djuki 16.06.2008 5

Difficultly to suppress in itself desire to possess given phone, looking at its photo and reading to its specification, but, at the same time, those are involuntarily recollected, the very first patterns of mobiles phone about naive 0,3 megapixels (and even it is less!) when the some people approved, as it is quite enough of it. Today the situation has a little changed, and behind the scenes costs, expecting the triumphal output, phone Sony Ericsson C905 equipped 8,1-Mpx camerar with an auto focus.

Sony Ericsson C905

The telephone camera is capable and of greater feats: system of recognition of the person, function Smart Contrast and BestPic, stabilization of images, decrease in effect of red eyes. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Samsung presented slider phone F268

autor: Djuki 24.05.2008 Comments Off

Samsung F268

At exhibition CHITEC 2008 South-Korean company Samsung has shown the wide public phone of model F268. It is stylish slider in the brilliant metal case, able to work in networks GSM of 900/1800/1900 MHz and supports WAP 2.0. The information is deduced on the 2,1-inch display with the sanction 240х320 points and support of 262144 colors. F268 it is equipped 2-Mpx camera with a digital zoom and an opportunity of record of video.

In it there is the preestablished player supporting formats MP3/MPEG4/3GP/AAC/WMA, and also the FM-receiver and slot for cards of memory of the standard microSD. At present the date started of sales and a retail price of this phone are unknown. Most likely, it will be on sale only in territory of Korea.

Samsung Intouch mobile phone concept

autor: Djuki 23.05.2008 1

Concept mobile phone Samsung Intouch, developed by the designer Christina Drojra (Christina Droira) and pair its colleagues from university Tsinitsinnati, and the sponsor has acted company Samsung. Concept uses the so-called sub-vocal voice technology developed by agency NASA for communication of astronauts in space. In a basis of technology the set of the gauges fixed on a throat of the person lays and allowing with ease to carry out voice communication.

Samsung intouch mobile phone concept

All this, certainly, allows to approve, that concept Intouch there is something greater, rather than easier phone. It consists of three details: actually telephone tube and Bluetooth ear cuff and the neck piece with adjustable magnetic enclosure. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Leaked images of Sony Ericsson P5i Paris

autor: Djuki 21.05.2008 Comments Off

In a network there were first “espionage” pictures of smartphone Sony Ericsson P5i which also is known under the code name «Paris». On them well it is visible, that P5i it will be executed in forms-factors «slider» and the basic will be equipped by the QWERTY-keyboard, 5 Mpx camera and the additional VGA-camera for videocalls. Also supposed, that the arrangement will work under control of operational system Symbian UIQ 3.3 and will be equipped by the 2.8-inch touch screen, the processor with clock frequency.

Check out this exclusive pictures.

New Secret KF750 Black Label cellphone from LG

autor: Djuki 28.04.2008 Comments Off

Korean company LG several days ago announced new phone of model Secret KF750 which is the third under the account in ruler Black Label. It is based on such popular mobiles phone, as Chocolate and Shine. Phone is executed in forms-factors “slider” and has tremendous appearance. Its case possesses very small thickness and is covered by a carbon fibre that does its similar on cellular of the future.

LG KF750

Under the display protected by glass, three touch buttons with return feedback are located. KF750 can brag 5-Mpx camera, module Bluetooth, and also an opportunity of viewing of video in format DivX with frequency of 120 staff in a second. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New cellphone from Sony Ericsson – the G502

autor: Djuki 25.04.2008 Comments Off

Sony Ericsson has developed new phone G502. It is executed in classical forms-factors “monoblock” and possesses bright, stylish design. The manufacturer declares support of technology HSDPA and to last version Google Maps for mobile phones. The beginning of sales of this novelty is planned for the second quarter 2008, and the price for it is not specified yet. G502 will be on sale in two versions of a coloring – Champagne Black and Brilliant Hazel.

sony ericsson g502 phone Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Wine Cellphone from LG

autor: Djuki 23.04.2008 Comments Off

LG company has let out the updated version of phone Wine. The novelty differs from the original in the increased size of the internal screen – 2,4 inches against 1,8. Wine is calculated on people in the age of from 30 till 40 years. In it there are no especial functions, all is extremely standard. This “folding bed” will hardly interest youth.

LG Wine Cellphone

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Musical desktop holder Sony Ericsson MDS-65

autor: Djuki 15.04.2008 Comments Off

One of dignity of mobile phones Sony Ericsson of set Walkman is a plenty of firm accessories. One of this product from this set – musical desktop holder Sony Ericsson MDS-65. The device is equipped with stereo speakers besides and this device will help you to improve quality of reception of radio stations.

MDS-65 contains a system socket with the expanded opportunities connection a lot of devices, portable sets, a cable and other additional accessories. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

New stylish slim slider mobile from LG – LG-KF510

autor: admin 07.04.2008 Comments Off

lg-kf510LG company has reviled information about it’s new ultra slim slide touch sensitive mobile phone LG-KF510.

With KF510 LG is trying to bring some new style into the mobile phone market, I think this is the first phone that is coming painted on gradients colors. That’s quite brave move, it’s proven that people are buying phones not buy their characteristics and features but cause they like the way they look and how will the phone fit they outfit.
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Motorola Mobile TV DH01n

autor: Cara 11.03.2008 Comments Off

Bringing together all of the essential components for people is never easy but the Motorola Mobile TV DH01n is attempting to bring together two gadgets that most consumers really love. The integration of a personal video player with a GPS device might seem a bit on the strange side, however with a push towards combining the majority of devices into a single device this does seem to fall a bit short.

Motorola Mobile TV DH01n

To give the Motorola Mobile TV DH01n a fair chance it does combine together a nice 90 minutes of video on a single 256MB card which can allow you to watch almost an entire movie and has the ability to add an SD/MMC card so you can have additional storage option. With a 4-hour battery, you should be able to watch the majority of a movie if not all of it and still have enough battery power to get directions to your next destination easily. Nastavi sa čitanjem →