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THE BPEN – Sophisticated and Useful little buddy

autor: Ivand 21.01.2014 Comments Off

My Bondi team just launches the Bpen project on and this unique, multi function and well design is one of those crowd funding projects you like to be a part of.


During the day, most of us use an ordinary pen for our every day use and a touch pen for our Smartphone or Tablet.  From now on, we can use the B-Pen, 2 in 1. While the B-Pen is a regular pen with ink, – you just twist it and the ink tip comes out, at the other end of the B-pen, there is a special rubber tip for touch screens.


Another special use of the B-Pen is as a Smartphone prop up. At its upper end, there’s a small plug that fits into all Smart phones, tablets headphone jack So, with or without the Smartphone case, you can place your Smartphone vertically or horizontally for watching Videos, making phone calls, even Skype calls hands free!


Lior which is the BPen inventor explain

“When I got the first B-Pen prototype, I was excited to see that it actually held my Smartphone so I could use it hands free, but then I realized that at the end of the day, when  using my tablet, I had to hold it with my hands or to place it on my lap. I was constantly looking for a solution that would make my tablet use easier and more convenient. When I first tried to use the B-Pen as a tablet supporter, I realized that in order to keep it stable I have to make a stand for the B-Pen. After a few experiments, I got the perfect stand. Hi tech design, clear and heavy enough to keep the pen steady”.