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Hot 3G iPhone images

autor: Djuki 03.06.2008 Comments Off

New 3G iPhone will be presented on 9th Jun, in meantime PG will show you some promotion images.

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HTC Touch Diamond – real diamond in the HTC lineup

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It was just a mater of time when will Taiwanese PDA mobile phone manufacturer, HTC will show their iPhone competitor.

Few days ago HTC has revealed their flagship – HTC Touch Diamond. HTC Touch is using HTC inovative 3D touch interface – HTC is calling it TouchFLO 3D – which is quite simillar to the version of OS X thats iPhone is running. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

iPhone version 2 – first in Austria?

autor: admin 06.05.2008 2

Der Standard, Austrian news portal has publised news story about iPhone. The news was about a Austrian T-mobile press conference, where the T-mobile is stating that the Austria will be the first country where the next generation of the iPhone will be released.

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Officially iPhone is coming to Canada

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Roger wireless, one of the Canada’s biggest mobile operator, has mentioned on their regular press conference held for presenting financial data, that they have reached an agreement with Apple corp to sell iPhone on Canadian market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Shortage of iPhones in Apple stores in USA and delayed shipping from Apple online store has started new avalanche of rumors.

There are lots of rumors that Apple is selling out its stock in order to launch new iPhone version – often called iPhone 2.0 . Why are there so many speculations about next iPhone Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Spyker made iPhone copy

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At the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, many new cellphones and mobile devices was presented. Top companies using new technologies and trying to showed us something we didn’t see jet, to impress us in any way. But some companies to another hand just copy other phones and ideas. Spyker showed phone which is too similar with famous iPhone. It don’t have model name, and it looks like iPhone with regular keypad at the bottom. Spyker producing only cars until now, until they copied iPhones design. We don’t know what is inside this cellphone, but we can show you it’s pictures.

Spyker iPhone copy

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unlock iPhoneIf you’re a fan of the iPhone but refuse to switch over to AT&T (or the provider in your country) the iPhone development community has come up with yet another solution to handle your issues. With last weeks launch of the 16gb iPhone guaranteeing an increase in iPhone users and many existing owners considering trading up, the need for a solution to handle unlocking an out of the box iPhone with loaded with firmware 1.1.3. There have been unlock methods before that work on older firmware, but to do that you would have to sacrifice some of the new features that 1.1.3 offer you (Google Maps locating you by cell tower triangulation).

Last week, George Hotz (aka GeoHot) managed to unlock and jailbreak the 1.1.3 firmware. He produced a guide that would lead you through the long process, but to newer users this task would appear daunting. Early this week, member Zibri managed to simply the process, calling it ZiPhone. Zibri’s method offered a solution that required less than ten steps to unlock your phone. If that wasn’t good enough, today he managed to simplify it so all you have to do is click the ZiPhone application that you can download from or Zibri’s blog and you are done. ZiPhone is available for both OS X and Windows and is compatible with iPhone firmware 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Ultimate Ears ships 4 vi earphones for iPhone

autor: Cara 08.01.2008 Comments Off

Ears ships 4 vi earphones for iPhoneWe all know that the iPhone was a sleek and stylishly sexy way to combine together all of the benefits of a smart phone, iPod and normal cell phone together into beautiful harmony.  But do you really want to bother everyone with the music that you are listening to?  Most people like a bit of privacy, and there are sometimes when the privacy that headphones can give you is much needed so that you do not disturb others.  What about the ability to add together a microphone so that you can talk using the headphones?  This is what the 4 vi earphones for iPhone are offering.  These are the perfect little gem to stick in your pocket and work seamlessly with your iPhone.

Want additional features?  This is the perfect things for you then, with the ability to answer phone calls right from the headphones without taking the phone out of your pocket these headphones are quite versatile and are ready to go to work when you are.  A superb sound system ensures that even though it may not hold as many songs as an iPod your iPhone will still deliver exceptionally crisp and polished sound.  The overall usage of the 4 vi headphones is incredible with the sound quality as well as the superb features. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Apple rumors predict iPhone 2.0

autor: Cara 23.12.2007 Comments Off

iPhone rumorsWith the Christmas season upon us people everyone where are busy talking about the latest and greatest electronics and of course Apple is going to be right in the middle of the conversation.  Their portion of the electronics buzz focuses specifically around the rumors that they are gearing up to release the iPhone 2.0 which speculation thinks will be so much bigger and better than the original iPhone.  For those who have been waiting to get an iPhone it may be a good idea to wait a while since the newest version is rumored to be launching around the time of the Macworld 2008 gathering.

The bad news is that everything focused around the iPhone 2.0 is merely speculation.  Apple themselves have not actually confirmed the new version of their top selling iPhone and are instead merely turning out more models of the current version.  This however does not mean a new version is not on its way; Apple does have a small habit of keeping a few secrets so this could very well be one of them.

As the rumors continue more are likely to build and the sheer number of people talking about the potential new configurations continues to grow.  Keeping track of all of the new rumors is not always easy, but it is important to remember that while a new iPhone 2.0 sounds like a really great idea it can be a very long time before it does actually launch.  While the Macworld estimated date is a very rough estimate there are others who are speculating that it will not possibly launch until around the end of 2008.  Nastavi sa čitanjem →