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Redefining email client – Mailbox app

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One of the first and primary things that we did on our smartphones was checking email – today for some at least is checking Facebook or Twitter. Still email services are one of the most used services on today smartphones.

iPhone has it’s native email client, who’s working with most popular email providers and services, gmail recently promoted their new a bit more useful email app for iOS and Android. But still this is just not good enough. The solution is here redefining email usage on smartphones Mailbox app.

If you like what you see, you can download Mailbox app from an AppStore for free, but… there is a but, that only reserve you a copy of the mailbox app, you can not use it right away.

[box type=event] Demand for Mailbox has been incredible, and in order to deliver a world-class email experience we’re filling reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’ve already reserved your Mailbox, download the app and enter your reservation info. If you don’t have a reservation, download the app to get your place in line. Everyone can watch the line move in real-time from inside the app.  [/box]


Cinemagram – moving Instagram – new hipster art form?

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There are just too many knockoffs of great Instagram, this time is different.  Cinemagram allows you to create fantastic animated gifs – which are just so hipster these days.

[box type=event]Animated photograpy (or cinemagraph) is a new visual art form that stands on the borderline between photography and video. Capturing the micromovements of living people and objects into eternal loops creates an illusion of extremely lifelike experience. The viewer is magnetically enchanted and feels the presence of the subject that was never possible with static photogaphy. This art form emerged in 2011 on Tumblr. [/box]

First of all you take a short video, afterwards you can select the part of the image that you want to move and what you want to stay still. Which is quite enough to create fantastic animated affects and to showoff your creativity.

There are few cines that I had find interesting, but also few my cines.

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Cinemagram is free to download from App Store -
[button color="lgreen" url=""] Get from App Store [/button]
and unfortunately it doesn’t support Android platforms.


[box type=info] If you have a suggestion for an iOS or Android app to review, be so kind and let us know at apps[at] [/box]