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Smartphone applications usage has doubled in the last year, and the biggest growth driver are social networks and instant messaging applications, by the NBC News.


NBC is quoting latest research by the Flurry, and by the data growth is hidden not in more frequent usage but in more and more people using apps and smartphones.

Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and chinese WeChat are the apps with growth over 200%, just in the past year. Most of them are in the instant messaging niche, but also provides options for sharing photos, voice and video conversations.


As a bit of surprise comes in the info about the growth in email apps, but this is just following the trend of growth for the smartphone user-base. Music and video apps, has grown in 78%, and the games app are in the last position with 66%.


Goodbye Facebook share – hello Like

autor: admin 01.03.2011 Comments Off

Facebook is behaving like a live and learning creature, it’s evoluting with it’s growth. Evolution is quite visible that almost every time you go online. You find some new button or some new feature – or in the worst case you are lacking some feature that you liked.

You had probably noticed Facebook share buttons all around the web. But now say goodbye to the share button, it is replaced by the Like.

As you probably remember, some months ago, Like was replacing “Become a fan” for the fan pages. So now it’s replacing Share. Obviously “Like” is becoming a synonym for Facebook.  Nastavi sa čitanjem →