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Canon EOS 7D – my dream come true

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In cooperation with, we are able to present reviews of the latest digital cameras on the market. First preview from Fotomanijak labs is preview of the latest Canon’s EOS 7D DSLR Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Olympus PEN story continuous with E-P2

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It’s a bit strange that Olympus has released their new PEN digital camera, knowing that the E-P1 PEN camera was presented just few months ago.

So, new Olympus E-P2 micro four thirds digital camera is here, it’s more like a face lifting Nastavi sa čitanjem →

There was a lot of rumors, that we are just a few days from new Canon 1D. The only question was, if the successor of the Canon’s flagship 1D is going to be Mark IV or Mark V. Cause the bad connotation of the number four in the Japan’s culture.


Today Canon corporation has presented it’s new EOS- 1D Mark IV digital camera – long anticipated successor of the EOS 1D Mark III DSLR. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Show must go on… Canon EOS 7D

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As we had expected, Canon corp has presented it’s new DSLR camera body – named EOS

By the name 7D the first assumption will be that newly presented camera is successor of the 5D(Mark II) camera. But instead, EOS 7D is a founder of a totally new Canon’s DSLR class, closer to the full-frame DSLR now more then ever – but still not full-frame. New EOS 7D is placed someware between existing EOS 50D DSLR body and fullframe 5D DSLR body class. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Nikon corporation has officially announced their latest DSLR camera – Nikon D5000. I would lied if I say that I’m surprised by that, cause there was some quite loud rumors with photos of new D5000. Nikon has chosen Dubrovnik exclusive holiday place on Croatia seaside to shoot the promo video for the today presented DSLR.

By the name of this DSLR camera we can assume that Nikon is starting a completely new line in their DSLR lineup – DSLRs with the swivel LCD screens. Usually the LCD on the DSLR camera has been used only for reviewing already made photo. But today with LiveView available in almost every camera that trend has been changed.

Nikon is not the first DSLR manufacturer who have published DSLR with tilt LCD, we have saw that already on some Olympus and Sony models. Judging by that trend, I’m more then sure that we will see something similar coming from Canon soon enough.

In general Nikon D500 was made to cary on the battle in the entry level DSLR class with it’s main competitor Canon EOS 500D. While it has found it’s place somewhere in between the D90 and D60 Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Company FujiFilm absolutely soon promises to please with new release of traditionally graceful compact camera. Copy Z200fd should become the worthy follower of model Z100fd. In connection with modern design will please with the case thickness of all in 2 sm, and the plan of technical specifications some surprises will be found out at once. First of all we shall tell that the chamber is equipped 10-Mpx by a CCD-sensor control, a 5-fold optical zoom and the 2,7-inch screen.

FujiFilm Z200fd

The second block of technical opportunities intrigues much more: the advanced technology of recognition of persons now allows to make a picture when will find out in the staff two persons (function Love Timer), and the degree of romantic affinity is defined by the user (all it is accessible three variants of a distance). Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Digital photography site has released information, unofficial, about the next Canon’s DSLR body. Not just that they are prediction presentation of the new DSLR body, but entire new class even below the current Canon’s DSLR entry level class.


Some limited information has appeared in the beginning of the year about alleged preparation of the new entry level Canon DSLR, but that kind of rumors are frequent and usually more reflecting users wishes then real information from manofacturers. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

In the beginning of March Olympus has officially released their compact entrylevel digital SLR camera – Olympus E-420. Shortly after, there were some rumors that has been inspired by some information leak on the official Olympus site, about E510 successor.

Today, Olympus company has officially released E-520, the successor of the E-510. Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Panasonic TZ50 – WiFi digital camera

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After release of the first Panasonic’s digital camera with touch screen, shortly after they are presenting us a new digital camera TZ50 – first Panasonic’s digital camera with a Wi-Fi wireless.

Panasonic TZ50 - WiFi digital camera Nastavi sa čitanjem →

nikon coolpix p80

The Nikon corp has presented their first real ultrazoom digital camera – new Nikon CoolPix P80. Some Nikon’s digital cameras from the P ( Performance ) we had already met. Like P5100 or P50/P60 digital cameras that were really good but just a bit too expensive so they didn’t make it to the bestsellers chart.

Even this is the first ultrazoom coming from Nikon, they did their homework good, and the P80 is not inferior comparing to any other ultrazoom camera available on the market. Nastavi sa čitanjem →