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Android gaming?

autor: admin 27.02.2011 1

There is no doubt  that the Android is capable to become world dominating mobile operating system. But still the ultimate gaming mobile device is iPhone. Some of the reasons for that: it was first with innovative game play with gyro based controls, anyone who ever played NFS on iPhone will understand what I’m talking about. And the second reason, one point of distribution great games ITunes.

AndroidPlay - source for android games

In my opinion one of things which brakes Android development is lacking that unique app place. Rumble media, recognized Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Android OS now on iPhone

autor: admin 22.04.2010 1

I use iPhone, I love my iPhone, but! There is always that but…

I don’t think that there is such a closed system as the Apple iPhone, closed but so sexy – so sexy that you just want to hold it in your hands and play with it all day. Android is a bit different story. But Android phones are not looking so sexy as the iPhone, if I could just have an iPhone with the Android OS.

It is possible, hackers has presented new dualboot option for the iPhones alowing dual boot iPhone OS and Android. To cut the story short look at the video Nastavi sa čitanjem →

Google Inc. company presented first mobile with new Google Andriond platform at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This phone missing some sophistication, and it is not made for sale because it is not final version. We can expect final version of Andriod cellphone in the third quarter of this year. Google didn’t released final specification for this phone, which is going to beat with Apple iPhone and smartphones with Windows Mobile or Symbian platform.

Google phone based on open source Android OS

The largest advantage of Android OS is fact that it is open source, and Google round up thirty chip and software companies in this project. Last year we heard some rumors that Google is want produce phone which is going to be direct concurrency to the Apple iPhone, so announcement that this is operating system made by software companies union was disappointment for many people. On other hand Google never denial that some day they will made cellphone by them self. Nastavi sa čitanjem →