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Top 5 exotic gadgets – part II

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Scientific’s Interactive SmartGlobe

smartglobeTakes you all over the planet without leaving home. Its 9.6-inch diameter and 15.35-inch height comes with a wireless pen and 3D barcode technology. It keeps up with the latest geological information, current events, and even election results through audio file downloads. Updatable for free until 2008, the SmartGlobe is available in 9 languages and 3 versions of English.

Technical specifications:

  • Touch a point on the globe to learn everything from population to the national anthem
  • Compare any two places and learn about time zones
  • Challenge your geography skills with exciting multiplayer games
  • By connecting to our Internet server, SmartGlobe™ delivers up-to-date age appropriate information and the latest world news
  • Three age settings: 5-8, 9-14 and 15+
  • 30 exciting activities, for every country in the world
  • Comes with a wireless SmartPen™
  • Includes an interactive guide to flags from around the world
  • Regular content updates, including World News, Earth Facts and Amazing Facts

If you like it buy this product here.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger

solar_chargerIt isn’t a cosmetic compact, it’s a Solar Mobile Phone Charger. Compatible with Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and SonyEricsson phones and MP3/MP4 players.

Technical specifications:

  • Compact
  • 550mAH Li-on rechargeable battery included
  • 3 charging sources: solar power, car DC power and AC outlet
  • AC/DC adapter and DC 12V car adapter included
  • Charging adapter for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and SonyEricsson included
  • Super white LED torch
  • DC output: 5.4V, 140mA
  • EU plug AC/DC adapter
  • Charging On/Off switch; LED torch On/Off switch
  • LED charge indicators
  • In retail packaging
  • Warranty period: six months

Sparkle Spa – jewelry deep down cleaning by using ultrasonic waves

jewelry_cleaningThe Sparkle Spa will give your jewelry a deep down clean by using ultrasonic waves. It uses 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves, or “cavitations” per second to get the glitter back in the earrings or the shine back in your rings. With this technology, your jewelry will always come out shining and sparkling without losing your time or patience. You can clean your jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, and even your old pens. You only need to use regular water. However, if your jewelry needs an extra bit of help, you may add a drop of dishwasher soap or a cleaning solution that can be bought from the manufacturer.
The Sparkle Spa has a built-in stainless steel tank, which has a capacity for up to 16 oz. There is a bright LED so you know that it is in the process of making your gems shine. If you’re still not convinced, the lid of the Sparkle Spa is transparent so you can see the cleaning action take place. There is even an electronic push button timer which allows for a 3-minute automatic shut off. Included is a basket that is used to hold any item or items that may need to be cleaned.

Technical specifications:

  • Electronic push button timer with 3 minute automatic shutoff
  • 42,000 Hz ultrasonic sound waves or cavitation per second output
  • 16 oz. capacity with bright LED illuminated stainless steel tank
  • Just uses regular water; if really dirty can add a drop of dishwasher soap
  • Quickly cleans jewelry, dentures, eyeglasses, pens, etc.
  • Should not use on soft porous jewels
  • Transparent flip up cover
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5″H x 8″L x 5″W

GlassFire Smokeless Fireplace

fireplaceGlassFire Smokeless Fireplace show off the firelight’s dancing flames. Because there’s no smoke smell or soot, it can be used indoors as well as out. Crafted of heavy Italian glass and gleaming aluminum. Includes sand, faux logs, and a lighter. Fire is easily extinguished with the included snuffer. Uses Fanola Gel Fuel, an eco-friendly biofuel that’s 40% more energy-efficient than wood. Fuel offered separately.

Phono CD Recorder

phono_cd_recorderIt allows those old vinyl albums to be recorded in digital audio format, for high quality sound in a smaller more modern Compact Disc. If you still want to enjoy the old style of the vinyl album then the Recorder still provides a 3 speed turn table, with a special stylus which will eliminate some of the hiss from the album.
The Phono CD Recorder also features a record level control and a record level indicator. There is also a built in radio that has a 32-track memory and provides AM/FM frequencies. If you have a ton of cassette tapes you can hook a tape deck to the Phono CD Recorder and copy those to a CD as well.

Technical specifications:

  • Record your old albums to CD format
  • Plays CDs, albums
  • Records CD-R/RW Digital Audio format
  • Record level control and record level indicator
  • dB meter on front panel
  • 3-speed turntable (33, 45, 78 rpm)
  • 32-track music memory
  • Auto/manual track increment
  • Repeat 1, or all, shuffle play (CD mode)
  • Drawer type CD recorder
  • Black wood finish
  • Hinged cabinet design
  • AM/FM radio
  • Headphone jack
  • Belt Drive system on turntable
  • Ceramic cartridge (turntable needle)
  • Full function remote control
  • Output: 3.5 watts x 2
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Dimensions: 9.25″ x 14.5″ x 18.8″