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TomTom GO 920

GPS author: Cara 01.13.2008 Comments Off

The idea of stopping and asking for directions anywhere now seems almost as strange as pulling out the old typewriter and writing a good old-fashioned letter to Great Aunt Mildred. Now the technology that is best equipped for the road is things such as the TomTom GO 920, which packs a lot of nifty features into a tiny little package. For those who live to be out driving, rather than stuck on the side of the road trying to read a tiny map this is a lifesaver in a box. Bringing the biggest and most extensive collection of maps together with the satellite navigation features ensures that you will find your destination on time.

TomTom GO 920

Additionally the 400MHz CPU and generous 4GB of internal flash ensures that you are able to do exactly what you want, without waiting forever for the GPS to catch up to what you are doing. Some of the improvements in the unit include adding a nice 5-hour battery that should help you get everywhere without losing power and a nice FM transmitter. For those who want to know about the traffic in the area a RDS-TMC traffic receiver is included as well and is expected to be a hugely popular feature.

The overall benefits of this particular model is the fast processor speed, huge collection of maps, use of Bluetooth as well as a nice Bluetooth remote that can work from all around the vehicle and the big bright 4.3 inch screen. With a pixel display of 480 x 272 this will fit all of your needs quite well and with the TomTom GO 920 being a highly anticipated unit you can expect them to be a bit on the high price and a little hard to find after the initial launch. However, with the features that it packs it is certainly worth the trouble to locate.