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Thinnest DVD Discs with terabyte-level storage

News author: Djuki 04.23.2006 Comments Off

Hitachi Maxell thinny DVD

Hitachi Maxell announced the development of the tinniest DVD disk in the world with terabyte-level storage. Maxell used nanoimprint technology to made DVD media at 0.092mm. This DVD is much tinner then regular DVD’s, but it has the same capacity of 4.7GB. The system features, Stacked Volumetric Optical Disc (SVOD) technology, which consists of 100 ultra-thin optical discs loaded into a 2.5-inch thick cartridge.

This DVD’s will combined long-term storage and random access memory. This tinny discs will reach 9.4 GB, and 100 discs cartridge approximately 940 GB. Hitachi Maxell claims that discs in next generation with blue laser technology could have cartridge capacity to 5 terabytes, witch means 50 GB for each double-sided disc.

Hitachi Maxell also said that applications of this media include library systems for business and institutions. This tinny disc will cost 325 dollars for 100 of them.