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Many web sites repeatedly wrote that habitual for us the manipulator of this type “mouse” till now does not give rest to engineers, and many try to bring the mite in modernization of it extremely convenient arrangement. Does not wish to lag behind and corporation Microsoft which has recently presented the patent application for the mouse which can be put on a palm.

New patent from Microsoft - mouse for hand

Apparently on the sketch, the similar arrangement does not impede in work to the user even if it types the text on the keyboard, and management of the cursor can be carried out by simple movement of fingers. For this purpose in a design gyroscopic gauges are stipulated, the combination of the given modules will provide the maximal comfort and an assessment of current position of arrangement.

Unfortunately, there is no information on when the given development becomes the commercial consumer device, however, considering actually opportunities of such giant as Microsoft can be expected occurrence of this original mouse on counters of shops in not so and the long-term future.