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The i-sing karaoke mp3 player

Uncategorized author: Djuki 09.04.2007 1

i-sing karaoke mp3 playerI want to present to you karaoke player, which plays MP3, WAV and WMA songs. Very cool feature that I like is that it will record your voice while you sing along with your karaoke songs. This karaoke player comes with 512 MB of memory and SD slot if you want more memory. Build in speakers are included too. When you connect this device vie USB connector you can transfer karaoke sons into this great karaoke player.

When you record your voice you can mute vocal sound and if the result is not so good, you can even adjust it by lowering the sound of the original vocals, and then you have your hit song. You can sare your experience with other people with your headphones. Battery life is about 5 hours, and you will need 4 hour for full battery charge. The i-Sing Karaoke player cost $120. If you love to play karaoke, i-sing karaoke player is made for you.