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The date of iPhone 3G presentation is confirmed!

apple author: admin 05.21.2008 Comments Off

Gizmodo, one of the most popular gadget related blogs claims that they have a source inside Apple corp that states that the new iPhone 3G will be presented on the WWDC conference starting on June 9th.


It’s not easy to guess that any new product that Apple si preparing will be presented on their annual conference.

Some of the other information avaliable, also from that insider source, that the new iPhone will be avaliable worldwide right after the official presentation. Also the info is that the Apple is giving up their quite unpopular selling policy. So now the iPhone will be avaliable in the stores, and they are giving up one mobile operator partner per country.

Also with the next generation iPhone, Apple should present new 2.0 version firmware for the current iPhone version. New firmware should fix all the things that people had lacked, support for MS Exchange, native MMS support, phone book contacts search, video recording. Also Apple will offer AppStore part of the iTunes service, where you will be able to buy application that you need.