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The Best three Canon’s projectors

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Canon company is leader on the optical device market and his projectors offer is miscellaneously. I will present to you three best models from this company. You can choose one of this models for your home or office.

Canon LV-7240

Canon LV-7240Model LV-7270 has modern design with black and gray colors, and rounded edges. His zoom arbor is at the top and very obvious. With his colors and rounded edges hi don’t attract attention in business or home environment. This model can be used in education, government, medicine, law and many other sectors. The LV-7240 is ideal for conference rooms or classrooms.

Focus ring is around the objective, and it could be larger because when you use it your could mark objective with your fingers. The LV-7240 is based on three LCD screens with resolution of 1024 x 768 dots and also support UXGA 1600 x 1200 and SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution trough high-compression. Hi provide 2100 ANSI lumens and 400:1 contrast ratio witch is naught for using at day lights. You can connect this projector with canon camcorders or digital cameras and watch home videos. Canon LV-7240 has a short throw distance of projecting from only 9.8 feet away. Hi have zoom lens with 1.2X ratio. Hi have light indicators so you can switch between laptops or other video resources, and he can be connected with two laptops at the same time. The LV-7240 have Easy Menu Display with on-screen adjustments so users can change settings easily and quickly. Menu suport 21 diferent languages.

Canon 7240

Canon LV-7240 have two analog VGS input terminals with 15 dots and also S-Video input and Composite output. Lamp life is 2000 hours. He weighs approximately 7 pounds (3 kg). He cost around 1 200 dollars.

Buy Canon LV-7240 at for 1,222 $

Canon LV-S4

Canon LV-S4 is light projector witch is easy for using. He is inheritor of last year model LV-S3. He using LCT technology and have native resolution of 800×600 pixels. Brightness is 1,500 lumens and contrast ratio is low (300:1) because using of LCD technology. He can be used in partially twilight rooms. This projector is very mobile with 5.l pounds (2.3kg) and small dimensions: 270mm (wide) x 83mm (high) x 197mm (deep), so if you have need to move your projector from one room to another this could be right projector for you.

Canon LV-S4

The LV-S4 provides composite, VGA and audio mini jack inputs plus VGA pass-through and audio output connections. He is very quiet, noise don’t across 33dB which is very good for small projector like this one. The LV-S3 can be connected to canon’s camcorders or digital cameras, DVD players or some other devices. He feature a digital keystone adjustment of +/-20 degrees. To prevents unauthorized users from accessing the projector the LV-S3 provide a pin code and key lock function. He is also equipped with a wireless remote control and user-friendly on-screen display menu. This model is designed to respond to practical user needs and budgets. for American buyers for Europe buyers

Canon LV-S4 at for 799$

Canon LV-S4 at for 600£

Canon XEED X600

This the best canon’s projector. Canon XEED X600 using LCOS technology for better contrast, live colors, sharp images and to prevent rainbow effect. The XEED X600 have 1400 x 1050 native resolution and 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution, contrast of 1 000:1 and 3500 lumens brightness. This projector allows the user extensive control over contrast, sharpness and color. This is one of the first models witch using this technology. Colors are warmer i more natural then on LCD projectors. He supports video formats like: HDTV , SECAM , NTSC or PAL. His dimensions are: 336 x 266 x 114 mm and his weight is 10.3 pounds (4.7kg). Estimated lamp life is 2000 hours.

With virtually no gaps between the pixels of LCOS panels. Images produced are seamless: diagonal lines, fine details and text in presentations are very clear. Canon developed AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) to overcome high cost of LCOS projectors. With smaller and more effective components, Canon is able to offer the Xeed projectors at a low price.

Canon Xeed X600

The XEED X-600 have Auto Focus witch measures the throw distance, projection angle and ambient temperature and then sets the focus to the right position. You can correct trapezium distortion up to +/–20 degrees. This projector have lots of auto functions, so you don’t need to adjust him. He also have Auto Input selection to detect input device and configures itself accordingly. Screen Colour correction is automatic, so you always have natural colors with this device.

With 3500 lumens he can projecting very bright images even in large venues. The 1.7 zoom lens can be adjusted with remote control. The wide angle projection allow large image projection, even from short distances. This projector have DVI port with HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatibility, to provide high video quality. The XEED X600 have ‘Off and Go’ function, witch reduce waiting time when projector has turned off.

Canon Xeed X600 – Features

  • LCOS panels and Advanced AISYS Optical System
  • Powerful output: 3500 lumens
  • World’s first XGA resolution LCOS projector
  • Canon powered wide-angle 1.7x zoom projection lens
  • Highly automatic setup and control: Auto Vertical Keystone Correction, Auto Focus
  • Auto Screen Colour Correction, Auto Frame Lock, Auto Input Selection
  • Price tags remarkably small for the quality offered

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