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The Internet has going crazy about a video that appeared showing new HP Slate tablet. The HP tablet concept has been annouced on the previous CES fair.

Slate is based on a large multitouch screan, 10 inch in diagonal (iPad is smaller), and it’s powered by the Windows 7 OS.

Basically that means that it can support almost every Windows application - yes Adobe flash support included – Yes Adobe Air. Yes multitasking!

In the video you can see that it can even run iTunes, not just that, but it can also sync with any USB device, not just that but on the video you can clearly recognize Apple’s USB connector, so it can sync with iPhone – even iPad – that would be interesting to see.

There is no USB on iPad – also you can see that Slate has a SD card reader, iPad do not.

And in the end, but not the less relevant Slate accommodates a camera on the front of the device, allowing to make video calls.

I have to admit I was just amazed with this video – not just the features packed up in Slate, but with a clear mocking up all the iPad missing features – and playing on the line – showing iTunes and iPhone connector –  which is just not the HP style.

But everything is fair in love and war – and this is war - beginning of the real tablet WAR!