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Stylish MP3 player – Sony NW-E003

Uncategorized author: Djuki 11.20.2006 Comments Off

Sony NW-E003The Sony NW-E003 is one stylish, compact and attractive gadget. Some people like to say that it looks like a lipstick but to me it looks more like a lighter. It has 1GB memory, but you can find it in variations of 512MB and 2GB. Basic version don’t have FM tuner, but if you pay £20 more you can have it. The NW-003 don’t have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but it has USB port for transfer songs, from PC to it’s memory.

Battery has 28-hour life, and Sony claims that after three minute charging, you can listening to the music for three hours. We didn’t test this gadget so we can’t confirm this claim. The sound is dynamic and very detailed. This MP3 player is not the first in it’s class, it is made for people who want tiny and cute MP3 player, with solid sound and long lasting battery.

Sony NW-E003