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Storage data in your’s dog DNA

News author: Djuki 07.14.2007 Comments Off

Japanese’s scientists find out a new way to save information, believe it or not they can save informations in the life form DNA’s. Until now we can write information on paper or save it on hard disk. In both cases we can loose our data. Japanese scientist Masaru Tomita from Key university wanted to find a new secure way to storage data and he did it.

Masaru Tomita

Life form genetic code – DNA can be translated into music, text video because it is very similar with digital code. When we write some information into genetic code, it can last until that bacteria died, which can be for a million years. Data encoded in DNA is inherited by each generation. Professor already build in a Einstein’s formula e=mc2 into bacteria, and also a year when Einstein published his theory of relativity – 1905. When we build in this information into life form, we don’t effect on it’s characteristics. Only problem cab be mutation, doctor Tomita’s team think this problem cam be overshot, but other people are skeptical about mutation problem.

“We suggest that this simple, flexible and robust method offers a practical solution to data storage and retrieval challenges in combination with other, previously published techniques,” said Tomita’s team.

Who knows, some day you will have a dog with a lot of mp3 songs inside, and your favorite videos. It looks insane but it could be happened. This discovery, opened the whole new field in genetic science. We just need to wait to see what will happened after this discovery.