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Steelcase’s Walkstation

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.04.2007 1

Those who are interested in a desk as well as treadmill combined together can find this little dream piece available for a modest $6,500. Combining together the idea of computer efficiency and an effective workout, this makes a great combination. For the office, this seems a bit of a strange way to get work done. For those who work at home and never seem to find the time to actually get to the gym and workout, this makes a great idea to help you slowly get back into shape.

 Steelcase’s Walkstation

Sadly enough, the massive price tag that is associated with the desk is likely to keep if from finding its way into most people’s homes despite the great idea. With the usage of computers and home offices increasing on a daily basis this is a fabulous idea for ensuring that you are still able to get some exercise, while still doing those status reports and talking to clients that keeps your business flowing efficiently.

While it is unlikely to see a price drop quickly due to the specialty of this piece it is still a great concept and something that can hopefully stick around and have further development to improve upon the great ideas even further. Add a small MP3 player or even a television to this thing and it could be home for days. For those who can afford the hefty price tag, this is certainly the closest to combining your work and exercise you are going to be able to come without a career change.

Small and compact enough to allow for an easy integration into an existing home office and also durable enough to replace your current desk this is a great choice to explore. Whether your only desk, or just your occasional use desk this is certainly a great option.