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Sony’s announced G1 on the first day of PMA07

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PMA07March 8, 2007 PMA07 Las Vegas – Sony is steping into wireless digital photo sharing withsonyg1_2.jpg today’s introduction of the 6Mpix Cyber-shot DSC-G1 digital camera.

New G1 camera is implementing 3.5 inch high resolution LCD screen. It have resolution of the 921,000 pixels, what is about four times higher than the average compact digital camera.

While packing the features of this camera Sony had an idea to make perfect vacation camera, based on that demands G1 have 2GB of internal memory, yes you read it well 2GB. So there is absolutely no need to buy additional memory card. It can stores over 600 full resolution 6Mpix photographs. If its not enough for you there is also Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo support, witch is now available in capacities up to 8 GB. Now imagine that you have about 500 images, and you want to find some image by simple browsing throe the album, it will take ages to do so. Recognizing this problem, Sony developed nice search function for this camera, so your photos can be organized by sonyg1_1.jpgevents, and easy access latter by event-tags or keywords. It’s also possible to search throe your image album by the same face on the photos or same color or even by similar composition.

All that features packed in make this camera great choice for photographing and sharing via built in wireless connection. Used high sensitivity 6Mpix sensor can go up to ISO1000, so you can make photos even whit out the flash. Its Carl Zeiss 3x optical zoom lens is wrapped in an elegant metal body. The DSC-G1 digital camera will ship in April for about $600.