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Sony released new portable DVD player line. Two models from that line are D-VE7000S and DVP-FX810. Both looks fantastic but they need more improvements to satisfied they consumers. Sony is just a beginner in this area because portable DVD players has been on the market for a long time.

Sony VE7000S - DVD Walkman

The D-VE7000S has 7 inch display, two two audio/headphone jacks and dock with pair of speakers, witch charge this device about 3 hours. Sony D-VE7000S measures 19.3×13.6×2.79cm and it’s weight is 780 grams. This devise is good-looking but there is no support for DivX or Xvid, no USB and Network support. This DVD Walkman is not jet available for buying.

Sony D-VE7000S

Another model the DVP-FX810 is regular portable DVD player. It has 8 inch LCS screen, and it’s swiveling in 360 degrees, so you can watch movies from any angle. The DVP-FX810 has 108 Mhz processor with 12-bit Video DAC. You can play all kind of DVD media like: DVD+RW/+R/+R DL/-RW/-R with this DVD player. Also you can playback MP3 and JPEG files. It’s offering three hours of battery life on a single charge. This model also dont supporting DivX or Xvid so consumers will be dissatisfied. The Sony DVP-FX810 cost around 350 dollars.

Sony  DVP-FX810