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Sony Vinyl2USB turntable – Sony PS-LX300USB

Uncategorized author: admin 02.27.2008 Comments Off

Do you have more then hounded vinyl records laying on the shelves of your apartment, gathering dust? Yes, when was the last time that you put some vinyl on the turntable and enjoy that great analog sound? Do you even have a working turntable in a house?

I know that my old vinyl music collection is only used for dust collection, and that my turntable has died more then five years ago. I had an idea few years ago to digitalizes my vinyl music. But have you ever tried to connect turntable to the sound card on you computer, it’s not that easy. You will need an special preamp for turntable and even then, I wasn’t satisfied with sound quality.


Sony has provide clever and easy way to convert all your vinyls to digital format, a turntable system with USB output. It’s just a plug and play device, i can play 45 singles records remember those ;) and also the 33 1/3 rpm standard records. It has a belt driven system for reducing motor noise and a diamond stylus for precise tracking and record protection. In Sony’s great new package you will get a moving magnet phonograph cartridge and a built-in pre amp.
Sony even had thought in advance, you will probably need some kind of recording software and sound editing software. Sound forge is an ultimate choice, now in Sony’s ownership. So, a version of Sound Forge is coming with your new turntable.

This great device will be available from March for about $150, if you count everything that this great package contains the price is just right.