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Sony NWZ-A826 attack on apple iPods market

Uncategorized author: Djuki 03.27.2008 1

Sony’s video-playing Walkmans A810 was very successfully and they created new series A820, which is going to attach iPods market. The A820 is small like iPod Nano and other features like Touch. This can be dangeroust game for Sony, they could want to satisfied both sides, but at the end they could satisfied no one. The buyers will give they judgment, was this smart move from Sony.

Sony NWZ-A826

This player is expensive,  it’s price is £145 for 4GB NWZ-A826. It’s  £46 more than iPod Nano with same equipment. The Sony A280 series has Bluetooth wireless DR-BT21G headphones included, and they price is £70. Bluetooth technology and large 2.4″ screen  make this player expensive.

Screen is 0.4″ bigger then iPod Nano and 1.1″ smaller than iPod Touch screen. Just like in A810 series, you can load mucis on NWZ-A826 with Windows Media Player or drag and drop with PC or Mac. The  NWZ-A826 looks impressive ans very stylish. Sound quality with headphones is very impressive, it will beat it’s rivals and it’s predecessor, the A810.

Sony NWZ-A826

Video is colourful and crisp and movement is teflon-coated. For video viewing this model is better choice than iPod Nano, but still it can’t beat the iPod Touch. If you like to use Bluetooth headphones, this can be right player for you, but as we said it gives high sound quality, and good video performance, but its price is to high.