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Sony Midrange 16:9 Business Projector

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.26.2007 Comments Off

sony-midrange-169-business-projector.jpgLooking to help conquer the business world one projector at a time Sony has recently released their newest addition to the projector lineup. With a nice slim and sleek addition that is the Midrange 16:9 business projector this is sure to be the envy of businesses everywhere. Offering a small size leaves the options for portability wide open and ensures that there are fewer problems with lugging around a giant machine. This is small enough to fit comfortably into a briefcase with a few papers and still ensure you do not need wheels to lug it around.

Bringing Sony’s 3LCD High Brightness technology to the field, this provides a highly impressive 3,000 ANSI lumens which gives a very bright and clear picture. Additionally the resolution comes in at a very nice 1366 x 800, which helps to ensure that picture quality stays very high. This unit is designed to be highly flexible since it is able to be attached to either a ceiling or taken around for portable usage. This provides the need to reduce the number of projectors that most businesses need and ensures that a unit is always available and handy.

Another huge benefit for businesses is the ability to use the projector as a network capable device. This allows system administrators to monitor and control the projector over a web browser interface. This improves overall productivity since it can be modified and settings adjusted without ever needing to have the IT department leave their desk. Overall Sony has provided a great projector that is not to be ignored.


A price tag of around $3,000 leaves it with plenty of room for most business budgets, and the overall design is sure to win the hearts of management. This is definitely a great force to be reckoned with and deserves the respect that a business can provide. As an option for a business projector, this is sure to be in close competition for first place everywhere.