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Sony in heavyweight class – New Apha System

Uncategorized author: admin 06.15.2006 2

Sony DSLR-A100Almost a year after first announcements new Sony DSLR-A100 is brought to the daylight. Compact DSLR using 10Mpix APS CCD imaging sensor. It implements Konica-Minolta lens mount, have optical image stabilization Super SteadyShot. This wasn’t just presentation of new camera but a whole new class from Sony, so they anounce no less then 22 compatible lenses for this camera, they will carry new “Alpha” brand but majority off them are based on existing Konica-Minolta lenses.

10.2 Mpix Sensor

With new Sony 10.2 APS sized CCD sensor, Mpix race continues and DSLR-A100 for now have the highest resolution in the class.

22 High-Quality lenses

All cameras in the Sony’s DSLR Alpha system will be using Alpha lens mounth which is back compatible to Konica-Minolta Maxxum® mount. Although lots off new Alpha lenses are based on existing Konica-Minolta lenses, presented quality is supreme. Also knowing Sony’s way we can expect wide range of accessories.Sony DSLR-A100

Image quality

Till now Sony was behind competition ( Canon’s DIGIC ) in image processing, and in my opinion thing that lack on earlier Sony’s cameras was better-faster image processing. A100 implements newly developed Dynamic Range Optimiser image analysis technology to provide better color reproduction, and new Bionz image processing engine. The new engine should bring useful burst mode, better response to commands smarter power management.
The a (alpha) DSLR-A100 will be the only D-SLR camera that can optimizedynamic range, meaning the range from highlights to shadows, includinggain and contrast, through in-camera hardware processing. Sony’sDynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) analyzes image data and determine the best exposure and color before JPEG compressing. And its performed in a hardware. This as a first hardware-based DRO solution perform a lot faster compared to software based solutions.
Sony DSLR-A100

No more blurred pictures, ever !

Earlier Sony presented Super SteadyShot® image stabilization, it was based detecting shaking and moving lenses parts to compensate it. Because this is interchangeable lens camera this system wasn’t practical. So Super SteadyShot® in this camera shift image sensor to compensate detected camera movement. As a result of this kind of implementation in camera not lens, all compatible telephoto, wide-angle, standard and macro lenses are now image stabilized. Together with high sensitivity ISO 1600 sensor, user have much more options to shoot in poor natural light conditions without using a flash or a tripod.

Dust as a enemy no 1. no more

DSLR cameras because its construction, and usually when lenses are changed dust get into camera and collects on the image sensor which result dust spots on taken pictures. Sony implements two ways to fight the dust. First, CCD sensor have indium tin oxide coating to avoid static electricity, so dust is not attracted to sensor. Additional, every time when you turn camera on and off, anti-dust mechanism is activated and vibrates which shake off dust particles.

Smart and simple

All new Alpha system cameras, features eye-start auto-focus, meanig that it start focusing picture before pressing a shutter. Large 2.5” Clear Photo LCD Plus™ provides wide angle viewing and superior color reproduction. Shots taken are stored on Compact Flash or Microdrive memory cards.
Sony DSRL-A100 back

To buy or not to buy?

A100 is an excellent choice for advanced amateurs and people who are new in dSLR class. Also it will be quite interesting to people who had used Konika-Minolta and have lances which are compatible. The DSLR-A100 camera body is available for $999. And kid which includes body and 18-70 zoom lens is available for little bit more money. In a short time price will go down and kit will be under $1k line, great time to buy your new camera.