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Sony Ericsson will bring to us new gaming phone

News author: Djuki 09.11.2007 Comments Off

Sony EricssonSony Ericsson planing to create PlayStation gaming phone, it sounds very cool. But before this PlayStation branded phone, they will test the market with gaming phone which is not connected with any game console. Sony Ericsson don’t want to risk to much with entering on the portable gaming devices market.

In February next year we can expect new phone from this GSM company. Phone with game oriented interface and some new technical innovations, like motion-sensitivity which you can see at the Wii handsets.

Peter Ahnegard, Sony Ericsson’s game said, Gaming is probably the most mature content area we have today in mobile phone and Sony Ericsson has always reflected that, having games embedded on our handsets for many years”. Also he added: “The power of the phones we’re creating now is phenomenal, Smartphones like the W960, P1 and associated families have hardware acceleration and OpenGL ES and are capable of providing gaming experiences on a level similar to PSP, certainly somewhere between PS1 and PS2.”

Other companies in mobile phone industry making phones which are taking over the duties of cameras or music and video players, Sony Ericsson want phone which can take duties of portable gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation, Wii orNintendo. Sony Ericsson think this phone will brought a lot of success to this company. But we can be so sure, we need to look at this gadget phone first and then give our judgement.