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Sony Ericsson Walkman W910i

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.19.2007 2

sony-ericsson-w910-walkman.jpgSony Ericsson has decided to launch a new version of their innovative walkman phone and the newest model is the Sony Ericsson Walkman W910i, which brings some great new features to the table, and spices up some of the older interesting features. For example, some of the treasures in this phone are able to help you do more than ever before.

The media manager is a nice little PC based program that allows you to organize quickly and easily everything from podcasts, photographs, video clips and even music and easily transfer it to your Walkman W910i phone. This allows you to keep the information that you want, and remove what you do not want to free up additional space in a snap.

sony_ericsson_w910_zoom.jpgTrackID is another gem that is packed into the phone designed to solve the hassles of forgetting a song ever again. Simply record a short snippet of the song and the service works to identify exactly what the song is, who sings it, when it was released and also brings the information to you on purchasing the song for your phone! This solves all of those pesky problems in life when a song is stuck on your mind and you just cannot remember what it is called.

Another awesome feature packed into the phone is the Shake controls. This means no more stumbling around pushing buttons to change tracks or move to a new song. Instead simply shake the phone (just hang onto it so you do not drop it) and it moves onto the next song. Talk about a great way to dance and change tracks at the same time.

Also included are the new media browser as well as the ability to search for music based upon your mood. Overall, this looks like a great phone that packs a lot of features into the typical boring phone package. For those who really love music on the go, this is a fabulous option that brings music, convenience, phones and a whole lot of fun together seamlessly.