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Sony Ericsson SE K770

Uncategorized author: Cara 11.22.2007 Comments Off

k770.jpgBringing the world of sharing pictures and more closer together we have the Sony Ericsson SE 3 K770 bringing some impressive features to the mobile phone market. Designed to look a bit different from the start the brown phone brings some interesting elements into an already saturated market helping it stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of everyone.

From the very beginning this phone is different, not only is the color different but it packs an impressive 3.2 MP camera inside which is substantially better than most competitors which are placing cameras much closer to the 2.0MP range in phones. This improved camera allows you to take photographs and actually print them out in good quality in a size up to A4, which translates into a 297 mm x 210 mm picture. A much more respectable size than the thumbnail size most phones are offering.

Additional benefits include the ability to upload the impressive pictures directly onto a photo blog or even an online photo gallery to share with family and friends without needing additional software. Available storage space comes from the included Memory Stick Micro or M2, which is a tiny 256MB in size, however you can always upgrade if you need more space. The card included is large enough to hold up to 200 photographs, which is plenty of room for most users to be thoroughly satisfied.

k770_bck.jpgOther features included in the phone include the RSS feeds, TrackID, Bluetooth stereo, media player, Bluetooth 2.0 capability and so much more. This takes the typical phone and turns it into the perfect camera and ties in just enough features to really make the camera lovers happy. Well laid out and designed to be very easy to use this is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection and with the range of features offering impressive services this is sure to be a quick favorite for most people.

No longer do you need to carry a phone and a camera to get great pictures to share, the Sony Ericsson SE 3 K770 has removed that need entirely.