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Sony Ericsson launch a series of new accessories for Mobile phones. Three handsfree accessories are: the Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-65, the Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-82 and the Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-85. They also launch two power chargers for there mobile devices.

HMP 65
Sony Ericsson Stereo Handsfree HMP-65
The HMP 65 has sporty look, and he is fitting around the ear. He is very stable so you can drive a bike, or running while wear this earphones. With your Sony Ericsson phone, you can listen to MP3 music or even radio. The ear buds are made of soft silicon, so he is comfortably to wear. You can replace earphones, because the HMP 95 has plug for switch between earphones. This handsfree device will be available from Q3 2006.

HMP 82
Sony Ericsson Stereo Handsfree HMP-82
The HMP82 is similar with the HPM-65, both are designed for using with Sony Ericsson’s Walkman-branded range. You can switch between headphones like with the HMP 65. The difference is in design, and the HMP 82 fits better on the ears, because he simply stick to your ears.

HMP 85
Sony Ericsson Stereo Handsfree HMP-85
The last handsfree model is HMP 85. The HMP 85 has neodymium magnet speakers, 30 mm diameter driver units, a molded headband and ear cushions. With a 3.5 mm plug you can switch between music device. He has remote control so you don’t need to take phone out the pocket, when you have call.

Power chargers
Sony Ericsson power chargers
Sony Ericsson launch two power chargers for business users. First is the Micro Travel Charger CMT-60. This is very small charger. If you’ve forgot your converter you can charge the phone with two AA batteries. It will be available from middle Q3 2006.

The second charger, the CST-75, features a retractable connector. He allows you to piggy-back the system connector, USB cable, music cable or portable speakers at the same time. You can listen to music, handle calls, or transfer data’s while your phone charges power. This charger will be available at the end of the month..