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Sony DSC-T9 full review

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Sony DSC-T9 frontDSC-T9 is the heir of the T7 camera which didn’t shown it’s full potential cause some minor lacks and imperfections. Such as too much grain , color noise, on pictures as a result of using high ISO sensitivities because of the lens which is to dark ( maximum aperture F3.5).
Sony herd all complains on T7 camera and try to solve all the issues, and create successor new DSC-T9 camera, stay tuned and see if it succseed, is the new T9 potential bestseller in its class.Sony DSC-T9 SuperSteady Shot
First of all, T9 presented new image sensor with high ISO640 sensitivity and to compensate dark lens Sony introduces one technology newer before seen in ultra-compact class cameras – Optical Stabilization, Sony’s Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization. As a result of these two things we have premium quality pictures with more details with significant less blur and grain compared to other PointAndShoot cameras.

There where no experimenting with design, when you first spot new DSC-T9 its clear its Sony T class camera. It have, for T series common slider across front side, which is protecting the lens, and flash from scratches when camera is not in use. Slider is active so when you want to take a picture all you have to do is to slide it down and camera is ready to take a picture. Because of the lens who dosent go out of the camera body, starting time is pretty short. No more missing important moments because you have to wait for camera to start-up. On the back side there is a large 2.5 ” diagonal screen which remarkably clear and can be seen in all light conditions.Sony DSC-T9 Also on the back side of the camera you can find lots of buttons, and above the display mode slider. Camera body is thin just 0.8″ and made from stainless metal, leave impression of quality and hard to break gadget.
Image sensor used in T9 have 6.0 effective Mpix, maximum picture resolution is 2816 x 2112. There are wide selection of ISO settings from ISO80 up to high ISO640 settings. Built-in Carl Zeiss 3x zoom lens is much better then one used in T7 so there is no more problems with vignetting (dark corners), but on some photos there corners can be little blurry. Lens itself is quite special, because its folded into camera body, so even when zooming there are no parts sticking out of the camera. Other special thing about this lens is optical image stabilization, Super SteadyShot. In basics there are movement sensors in camera whos detecting movement-shaking of hands, and lens elements are moved to compensate shaking.Sony DSC-T9
Built-in flash is better then one which is used on T7. T7 had a nickname vampire-camera because of poor implementation Red-Eye reduction mechanism. On T9 Red-Eye reduction is working much better, but still because placement of a flash – too close to the lens, people eyes your photos will often be red. Live histogram display are available in capture and playback mode. Just few cameras even in much professional classes doesn’t have this feature. Just as reminder Live histogram display makes it easier to make much evenly exposed pictures and helps while analyzing your already taken pictures. Computer connection is produced via docking station port on the bottom side of the camera. It provides USB 2.0 high speed connection for transferring images, connection for the TV-set, direct printing on a PictBridge compatible printer and connection for optional Cyber-shot Station camera dock.Sony DSC-T9 ISO
Sony have a new policy no to send memory cards with the cameras, instead in all new Sony’s cameras there is a built in internal memory. T9 have 58MB of internal memory which is probably much more that you would get on the included memory card, its capable of storing up to 20 images in full resolution and best quality. Internal memory is great, but just for start, if your planing to take a lot of pictures and to record movies in high quality, external add-on card is a must. As all other new Sony’s in this class this camera is compatible with Sony Memory Stick Duo cards and Memory Stick Duo PRO cards. T9 records movies in 640×480 with audio with 30 frame per second and the length is limited only by media. Example 512 MB memory card can store up to 160 full resolution photos at the highest quality.DSC-T9 comes with its own NP-FT1 lithium ion battery, also external charger is bundled. With fully charged battery T9 is capable to make about 230 shots. Recharging empty battery will take about 160 minutes.
Photo quality on the T9 was very good, with my only real complaint (aside from those white balance issues) being the slightly soft look to the pictures. Photos had accurate exposure and color, and low purple fringing and noise levels. Red-eye was a problem, unfortunately. The T9 also surprised me with its high ISO performance, allowing for small prints to be made at the ISO 640 setting.

Sample pictures

Sony DSC-t9 sample image
Click to see full version *Caution large file – exif data included

Sony DSC-t9 sample image
Click to see full version *Caution large file – exif data included

Sony DSC-T9


Again it’s not a perfect camera, but we can not ignore all the improvements compared to previous T models. This is a grate camera, if you can accept some of the minor lacks, you will be awarded by great durable ultra compact camera.

  • Ultra-thin full metal solid and durable body
  • Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization
  • Good images quality
  • Live Histogram
  • High ISO settings – for low light conditions
  • Fast and responsive
  • Large, clear LCD display visible in all light conditions
  • Large 58 MB built-in memory
  • Good movie mode, limited only by memory-card size
  • High Speed USB 2.0 PC connection


  • Still poor red-eye reduction – demands additional editing on PC
  • No full manual controls